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Scattered Thoughts

By Kam Zarrabi, Intellectual Discourse 


On "Sustainable" Peace.


Beautiful words these are, lasting peace. Let's make them even more beautiful, let's call for everlasting peace!


You don't have to travel far or look too hard to find such an atmosphere in every town or village. Just visit your nearby cemetery and enjoy its serenity in introspective sorrow, the serenity that owes its silent tranquility to the voiceless, who can rise no longer, yet have stories to tell.


We have been watching these days the accounts of the innocents that had to die so that other innocents could live. And, the rape of innocence continues until there remain only the angry crowds who seek redemption in exacting that very Biblical retribution; this time perhaps seven-hundred-seventy fold!



4:23  Lamech said to his wives, "Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice, You wives of Lamech, listen to my speech, For I have slain a man for wounding me, A young man for bruising me.

4:24  If Cain will be avenged seven times, Truly Lamech seventy-seven times."

-Genesis 4:23-24

This descendant of Qa'in (Cain), or Noah's father, wasn't satisfied with the more ancient Sumerian tradition of an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. As our UN Ambassador, John Bolton, has said regarding the loss of lives on both sides in the current battle between the Israelis and the Lebanese Hezbollah, all lives are not worth the same! We have always known that, contrary to the American ethos, not all men are created equal; just ask John Bolton.


So, why opt for a ceasefire as long as there remain angry people on the receiving end who dare to object to the Biblical manifesto? Don't these angry people know that, were Jesus Christ alive today, not even this Prince of Peace would choose to "turn the other cheek?"


But, everyone wants peace, we all prefer peace, and we all want peace in our own terms. Interestingly, we especially desire peace when we are ahead. Once we have the upper hand we prefer a secession of hostilities by those whom we have trampled. We, therefore, prefer "conditional" peace, conditions that would ensure our lasting dominance. Why shouldn't we? Should we burden ourselves with the concepts of fairness and justice? Not in this lifetime, anyway.


So, we (Israel, that is) want, as the President and his Sec of State keep repeating, a ceasefire in Lebanon that is "meaningful", in other words, "sustainable", before even a peacekeeping force from the UN could enter the field. Well, as the United States (Israel!) sees it, any ceasefire could be "sustainable" only when the Hezbollah are defeated and completely disarmed. We don't want to see the repeated "spasms" of violence by the "terrorists", as Condoleezza Rice so eloquently puts it. Interestingly, the rest of the world and even our partners on global War on Terror, the European Union, do not regard Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.


Be that as it may, waiting for the Party of God, Hezbollah, to be rendered impotent, in spite of the fact that it represents nearly half the Lebanese population, and particularly now that its popularity has spread beyond Lebanon or the Shi'a communities to include the entire Islamic societies, is like waiting for Hell to freeze over.


Meantime, we are giving Israel's "defense" forces the green light to do whatever they please. Not only will we provide them with the hardware, the Congress will unanimously approve any amount of money to compensate Israel for its war losses. We will also provide the lion's share of funds to rebuild the damage done to the Gaza area and Lebanon caused by Israel's efforts to "defend" itself.


Of course, at least part of that money will come from our sale of almost 5 billion dollars worth of helicopters and tanks we are selling to our Arab friends who are finding themselves in desperate need of bigger and more expensive toys while Israel is trying to create an atmosphere of peace and stability in the region.


What are friends for, anyway?


On Play of Words


I watched on C-SPAN 1 on Monday, July 31, Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, respond to the just passed Security Council resolution that gave Iran one month to stop its uranium enrichment activities, or face possible sanctions (accent by this writer). This was a watered down version of a much tougher text promoted originally by the United States (Israel), made milder due to pressure from Russia and China. His impressive, well articulated, logical and rather lengthy statements were aimed at representing Iran's official position, as well as to rally the global public opinion in support of the Islamic Republic's legal and inalienable right to pursue nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.


Throughout his speech, Mr. Zarif remained objective and calm except for some ten or fifteen seconds during which he resorted to the use of uncomplimentary adjectives and adverbs to describe Israel's policies and actions.


Accusatory words embellished by adjectives and adverbs are redundancies that distort and compromise the language of diplomacy. For example, when we hear that the Israeli Defense Forces are battling the Hezbollah terrorists, the implications are obvious; the good guys are defending their lives against aggressive terrorists. Now, if we are to encourage some kind of a resolution to the hostilities between the two combatants, showing that kind of bias in addressing the two sides would be clearly counterproductive.


Similarly, calling the Islamic Republic of Iran a supporter of international terrorism and the party responsible for the recent flare-ups in the region is, again, begging for a response in kind from the other side.


In expressing America's (Israel's) concerns over Iran's nuclear projects, demanding that Iran should abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons is a loaded statement that is clearly intended to present presumptions as facts. While the implications have definite propaganda value for public consumption, this sort of padded verbiage has no place in diplomacy.


The other side is also engaged in the same propaganda tactics within its own sphere of influence. To the Iranian public and indeed to practically the entire Islamic community, the Great Satan is supporting the Zionist Entity in its brutal genocide of the Moslem people with the aim of controlling the region and its natural resources.


The propaganda machinery here has been engaged in top gear in creating a cinematic scenario where the Iranian theocracy is involved in a grand scheme to gain enough support within the Islamic World, through sympathy or by coercion, to become the dominant force in the oil rich Middle East and to challenge the West as America's rival superpower. For that, Iran is portrayed as an evil entity that has been trying to acquire the ultimate weapon to first eliminate Israel as the regional threat against its ambitions, and then to attack Europe and threaten the United States.


Meanwhile, the supposedly peaceful, moderate (in other words, compliant) Arab regimes like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and oil-rich Persian Gulf pseudo-states, we are told, do not want the Shi'a style of theocracy to rule over the entire Islamic Middle East. They see their salvation only in the West's ability to reduce Iran into submission, by force if necessary.


More Play of Words.


Here we go again. Iran's President Ahmadinejad has again found the opportunity to make reckless declarations. Attending a meeting in Malaysia, he has been quoted as saying that the solution to the problems in the Middle East is the destruction of Israel.


Just like his previous pronouncement that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the face of the map", these recent quotations show clearly that our media news interpreters know the Farsi language better than those who actually speak it.


1- In official parlance, the state of Israel is always referred to as the Zionist Entity in Iran.

2- The "regime" in charge (Likud at this time) is called the Zionist Regime.

3- Zionist Regime is what rules Israel's policies, just as Islamist Theocratic Regime is what governs Iran.

4- For years now we have heard declarations by our own administration officials, as well as by our political pundits and commentators, that the source of all the problems emanating from Iran is the "Mullahcoracy", "Islamofascism", or the theocratic regime. Our stated policy of attempting to eliminate Iran's theocracy, "regime change", as we call it, seems to be perfectly alright. After all, wiping out Islamofascism does not mean wiping Iran from the face of the map. But when the Iranian President calls for the elimination of the Zionist Regime, we are told that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map.



Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression.


The man who portrayed a hero in the movie ThePatriot, championed another historic figure in Brave Heart, and defied all his detractors by producing his epic movie, The Passion of the Christ, is being castrated now for his anti-Jewish sentiments.


Perhaps Mel Gibson had been listening to news broadcasts about the war in Lebanon when, after being stopped for drunk driving, he spurted out anti-Jewish remarks. He was obviously too drunk to remember that you can get away making categorical nasty statements about Moslems, or be forgiven for anti-Black or Hispanic comments, especially when angered or out of control as he was, but not against the Jewish people. Well, Mel is going to pay for his insensitivity, and pay heavily.


He has already apologized to every Jewish group or congregation and has appealed to rabbis and leaders of the Jewish communities for forgiveness and "atonement", thus far to no avail. He has, however, been invited to express his repentance on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, at a well-known synagogue. He is definitely not going to get off the hook that easily.


One radio talk-show host, Dennis Prager, came up with an ingenious idea that he has repeated numerous times on his syndicated radio program. He maintains that it does not matter what people feel in their hearts or in private. What matters, he believes, is what they say openly and how they behave in public. As an example, he mentioned Hillary Clinton, who has been known to utter anti-Semitic remarks in private, but who stands firmly in support of Israel on every occasion.


In other words, according to Dennis Prager, it doesn't matter how you really feel about me, as long as you support me.


Now, let us see what might persuade a person to publicly and officially support a certain position, while privately and sincerely holding a negative view of that allegiance or affiliation. The inducement could be money, position, fame, or to put it simply, survival.


Hillary Clinton's rousing speech at the annual AIPAC meeting and, more recently, in New York City, in support for Israel, speak volumes about the power of the Jewish lobby over the destinies of our politicians who have been elected to pursue policies that promote America's best interests here and abroad.


Now, Mr. Prager, how could Hillary Clinton or others in her position do what in their heart is best for America if they cannot get elected or stay in office unless they pledge allegiance to a foreign flag? For Mr. Prager, that's perfectly alright, as long as that flag has a blue Star of David on it.


For Dennis, admittedly a proud and staunch American Zionist, any opportunity to cash in on Israel's behalf is worth exploiting. Why, he would maintain, chastise a wealthy celebrity who has just put his foot in his mouth, when his very celebrity and money, especially money, could promote the Jewish cause? Mr. Prager can look the other way and ignore the fact or the suspicion that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite, as long as Mr. Gibson is willing to cooperate.


In the following weeks we will learn if the hero of Brave Heart has a brave enough heart to say, Hey, Mr. Prager and the rest of you, I don't hate Israel any more than you hate the Arabs and Moslems; I live in America and have the right to hate or love whomever I choose. Go ahead and bite me, I am not going to donate a dime to your cause.


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