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The Dangerous Diplomacy: "Bias and Blunder are bane to the world peace"

By Zoe Rastegar


For decades American citizens have been brain washed and misguided with the word, “terrorists” when they should have been educated and informed not only about the Middle East, its culture and traditions, but also about United States foreign policy in the region.


No doubt, the word terrorist is scary, their actions are uncivilized and it brings fear and horror to our minds. But repeating the word terrorist is also a convenient short cut used to deceive a nation by ignoring the facts of history, denying the blunders of our leaders and simply labeling people when they stand up to defend their rights.


One wonders if our policies are not the catalysts breeding terrorist as we are witnessing in the case of Iraq and now in Lebanon. We know that no one is born terrorist or criminal.  It is when one’s cry for justice is ignored that one’s actions take turn for disaster and even self- destruction.


Perhaps it is time to ask our leaders:  How long we can continue this dangerous diplomacy of biases and blunders combined with arrogance and ignorance toward underdog nations and how many more Americans and others have to be sacrificed for us to learn that this lopsided policy in the Middle East is like waiting for a time bomb to explode. 


For decades Israel has enjoyed her marriage with the United States, their alliance and allegiances are proudly announced by most American presidents and very recently by President Bush. Any criticism against Israel is a sin.  One must apologize or to be labeled Anti-Semitic. Unfortunately, the product of this marriage has been decades of animosity and bloodshed in the region. Israel has been supported and funded unconditionally by the United States with no wisdom as what will happen next.


On the other hand, One by one the other Middle East countries are destroyed, manipulated to become the United States puppets, or they have been degraded and isolated in the name of terrorists regardless of its ramifications on the citizens of such countries either here or abroad.


Isn’t this rather curious that president Bush and his cronies advocates democracy in the Middle East while the three most prominent Arab States are either absolute monarchy or a fake democracy?  Perhaps we mean selective democracy as it suits the United States and the Israel’s interest...


The September 11th events happened with the participation of fifteen Saudi citizens out of the nineteen participants. But, Saudi families were the first to go home when no plane was permitted to fly out of United States. But shortly after, Iran was added to the “The Axis of Evil” list.  The same evil manifested by the United States and United Kingdom, changing the Iran’s destiny for a long time to come.


The Israel’s only response to the recent killing in Lebanon, the massacre in Qana and other atrocities is, “Sorry, it was a mistake, we will investigate.”  They have the green light and the dream to be the power in the Middle east and why not?

This kind of behavior by Israel is only approved by the United States and it has not only outraged the world’s community but has damaged the America’s image even further.

How much and how long Americans have to sacrifice for this marriage?


We must choose our position in the world diplomacy. Either we should follow the ideology of isolationism and mind our own business which we have plenty to attend to. Or if we claim to be the leader of the free world we must treat the world fairly and prevent more conflict and bloodshed. Unfortunately we have done neither especially with the recent administration.


Since the inception of Israel, we have spoiled one child at the expense of all other siblings for our political purposes. It is just natural that all other siblings are resenting the brat.

The billion of dollars that goes to build Israel’s arsenal every year can be used wisely and evenly to bring peace and prosperity to the region.

 This is the way that we can bring democracy to the region if our intentions are honest and democratic.


It is not that Middle East is incapable of having a democracy, but when one doesn’t have home, food, shelter and security, one does not think democratic, one feels angry, rebellious and destructive.  This is how we turn good people to suicide bombers and so called terrorists.

Any act of aggression by any radical faction or group is not condoned by a civilized society, but aren’t these behaviors really reactions to decades of despair and depravations?


United States, as the leader and the super power could have used her position more effectively resolving the Middle East problem long ago. All it was needed was a wise and fair diplomacy. Regretfully, we have just done the opposite and for too long.


Those of us who speak up are devoted to real peace and we are not anti-Semitic. Rather we are vying for an evenhanded, unbiased diplomacy and a lasting peace. And those who are hiding behind the politically correct attitude are the number one enemies of this country and the world peace.


For decades we have enjoyed economic prosperity and flow of oil at the expense of Middle East people. Nations often richer in culture, resources and intellect than us and yet we have the audacity to call them the Third World, the fanatics, and the terrorists.


We plant puppets and depose them as we desire for our own economic and National Security interests and then when things go wrong we just forget about the people of those countries and simply isolate them with the label of terrorists.


We preempt war upon Iraq disregarding the world’s opinion, destroy their infrastructures, create insurgency and civil war and then we have the audacity to say, it is their country, they should rebuild it!  What business we had to destroy it in the first place and why Americans should die and be the target to fulfill the dreams of the bullies.


It is insult to American’s intellect that all these blunders are for our National Security or for bringing Democracy to the Middle East. Have we really given up thinking?

Americans deserve better and they must claim their great image in the world as once they enjoyed.


The world and its citizens are not that different from a family structure.  As a family need wise and fair parents to teach, to guide and to discipline so does the world.


 The world is in a very precarious state and all we need are leaders who are wise and capable, genuinely desiring peace and justice in the world by practicing a wise and workable diplomacy.



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