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Manufacturing Terror

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


The unholy alliance of Blair/Bush has taken on a dangerous turn.  Trepidation abound at the realization that the world has uncovered the truth behind the tragedy of 9/11, the discovery and plots that enabled America to bully her allies into an illegal war, Bush and Blair find the reflection of their immoral behavior in the declining poll numbers, the public no longer exonerating them for the office they hold.  Yet, in the midst of this disarray, they have given their blessings and assistance to Olmert to invade sovereign Lebanon.  World’s anger rising with the civilian death toll, a trans-Atlantic plot, another (hoax)9/ll comes to the rescue and once again the people are immersed in fear – The culture of fear saves the unholy alliance and evil continues to prevail.   


With the media at their control and focused 24/7 on the alleged terrorists who wanted to hijack planes, no news has leaked out that Israel is using chemical weapons on the innocent Lebanese people; that the Bush administration is planning on rushing precision guided munitions to Israel to ensure better targeting in this grotesque effort – after all, the US had the benefit of such weapons against the civilians in Fallujah in violation of the Geneva Conventions [i], why not give Israel the same benefit and kill en mass those who oppose the invasion of their country?  Who will stand in the way of such genocide, more importantly, who is listening when they have to worry about cologne and lipstick at the airports immersed in fear that a touch of rouge may blow up the plane?


Mr. Bush’s actions are in line with his mindset.  The Financial Times quotes him as saying: “As young democracies flourish, terrorists try to stop their progress..[ii] ; this is no doubt a self-reflection.  Indeed, this seems to be a pattern in US foreign policy.  In 1953 when Iran was a young democracy, its progress was aborted by a ruthless UK-US coup.  Today, the Bush White House in line with America’s dark history is supplying the Israeli government with the weapons of mass destruction that are destroying the young flourishing Lebanese democracy.  Perhaps this government reckons that with the elimination of numbers, they can reign in the Middle East and mold it into the kind of democracy they envisage; after all, a servile population that has seen the horrors of chemical warfare is less likely to resist.  The psychological impact would render the nation impotent for an infinite period.


However, it is not Hezbollah, the defender of the Lebanese soil and water which is being sought; it is Iran, a fact made clear and admitted to by Mr. Bush himself.  Having justified transferring their weapons of mass murder to the Israeli army to kill civilians, the Bush/Blair team concocted the most recent terror plot ‘thwarted’ by the Blair government.  This plot enabled Mr. Bush to call it “Islamic fascism” (causing an outcry from the Islamic community) while at the same time enabling him to make a connection to the ‘Iranian backed Hezbollah. [iii] – It is not hard to connect the dots and see where he intends to go with this.  How many people they had to massacre to get to Tehran and Iran’s resources! 


In their empire building, the Bush/Blair/Israel (Olmert) team, intend to take innumerable more lives.  The only thing that will stop them is the truth and the American people.  The truth is hidden in a web of deception and the people live in a culture of fear.  Fear is what keeps Americans unified; without it, the United States would fall apart, become a failed state.


Social psychologists have long recognized a human urge to convert vague uneasiness into definable concerns, real or imagined.  The belief in a tangible threat makes it possible to explain and justify one’s sense of discomfort.  All our fears in America are diverted towards an enemy given to us on a platter -  terrorism in the form of Iran.  No one pays attention to what this administration has done to the country; nor where it is headed. 


It is up to every concerned person, indeed, every being with a claim to humanity, to tap into the consciousness of another and chase away their inordinate fear – and challenging as it may be, replace fear with the truth.   Our voices to stop a war were ignored once, we were not loud enough.  The administration’s greatest fear is an informed citizenry.  The light of knowledge will blind their quest for bloodshed. The world cannot afford another war tomorrow just as it cannot afford any more bloodshed today.


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