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Reflection of Ahmadinejad's interview with CBS in US media


New York, Aug 17, IRNA-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's interview with US news network, CBS, triggered mixed reactions in US media, enraging some, while causing others to admire him.

The Director of the US Jewish Council, David Harris, said after watching the interview that the senior CBS reporter, Mike Wallace, had been "hypnotized" while talking to Ahmadinejad.

Further criticizing Wallace, Harris said, "Wallace in fact promoted the 'fake' idea that Israel was established following the propaganda about Holocaust."

He added, "The severest shock I got during hearing the interview was when Wallace yielded to the IRI President's proposal that the entire Jews living in Israel should be transferred to an uncertain spot in Europe. Is that by any chance a logical proposal? Does Wallace not realize that the proposal was putting the demand for the annihilation of Israel in another phrase?"

The US morning daily, Wall Street Journal, that mainly reflects the viewpoints of the New Conservatives (Neo-Cons), too, was urged to confess in an analysis written about the interview that the IRI President had quite good command over the world politics during the interview.

Wall Street Journal wrote in its Wednesday edition, "Wallace did his job dully well and asked President Ahmadinejad quite tough and tricky questions, but Ahmadinejad was too wise to let him pull his leg."

The highly circulated US daily reiterated, "Ahmadinejad is a man of the day, wise, and above all, he understands the significance of TV, as a highly important media, at least to the extent that Wallace does."

The US daily added, "Wallace, for instance, twice repeated his question about the elimination of Israel from the world map, but Mr. Ahmadinejad never gave him a direct and precise response, except saying that Israel should continue its existence elsewhere in the world."

The article elsewhere stresses, "Wallace tried hard in many occasions to make Ahmadinejad talk about Hezbollah's missiles, but he hanged the subject every time."

In addition to that, this man, of whom many people are scared due to his assumed intention to manufacture A-bombs and... appeared quite calm and logical in the interview, and even resembled an affectionate man of the family. When he was asked about his hobby, for instance, he said that he spent his free time with his family and reading new books, that is the typical response of a modern times' man.

Wall Street Journal has criticized Wallace for not having consulted a number of Iranians living in exile about what to ask President Ahmadinejad!

It has added, "Wallace is the same Wallace that we knew after this interview, but we have come with the conclusion that Ahmadinejad has a more comprehensive viewpoint about us than the one we have about him, since people like him have learned in the course of the time how to talk to the mass media."

The Internet website of KTVU, too, has reported from Washington that the IRI President has in his "60 Minutes" CBS interview accused the United States of triggering mounting violence in the Middle East, adding that Hezbollah has the legitimate right to defend Lebanon's territorial integrity in the face of the Israeli aggressions." This Internet website has quoted some parts of the interview, including President Ahmadinejad's sentence, "Iran had joined the other countries in their request for an immediate truce in Lebanon, but the war lasted over a month due to the US and British veto of the ceasefire resolution proposal twice, and their full and unlimited support for Israel in its war crimes.

The 'Real Clear Politics' website, too, has an article titled 'I Watched 60 Minutes Enthusiastically', in which the website's columnist has said, "If this was a boxing ring, the IRI President definitely won the first round, since he fought most cunningly."

Another news website called "Digital Niqabi", too, while presenting a nearly full text of Wallace's interview with President Ahmadinejad, writes, "I believe the best of that interview was when the IRI President said, "Today is the day for rational thinking, holding meaningful dialogues, and cultural interchanges."

Another US news website, too, has an article in which we read, "Wallace tried several times to gain precise responses to his key questions, but do you think the the US President George W. Bush, too, could do half as good as Ahmadinejad in an encounter with such a cunning and well weathered reporter?"

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