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Iran's President invites US counterpart to television debate


Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday invited US President George W. Bush to a television debate. He said that debate is different from negotiations and his offer focused on debate.

"Of course, we have made clear our conditions for negotiations with the United States," President Ahmadinejad said.

"You know, negotiations with a friend is different from negotiations with a person who makes hostile remarks," he said.

Ahmadinejad said the conditions for talks with the US should be provided to facilitate such negotiation.

Ahmadinejad made the remark in response to a question whether in addition to his readiness to debate the issue with his US counterpart, he is willing to accept unconditional negotiations with the American officials.

Turning to the distinction between debate and negotiation, the president said there are other prerequisites to holding talks.

Stating that Iran is willing to hold dialogues and talks with the whole world, he said, "Of course, talks with a friendly country is quite distinct from negotiations with one frowning to the Iranian nation every day. In the later case, the conditions for talks are quite different."

Iran ready for any condition

Ahmadinejad said in case of imposition of sanctions Iran is ready for any condition.

The president was replying to a question on recent statements made by US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton that in case Iran's response does not satisfy Washington it will impose unilateral sanctions with a coalition of allies on Iran, and whether Iran would announce a state of alert to stand against the sanctions.

"Those who have been defeated speak with hostility and stubbornness. The era of using force in international relations has come to an end," he said.

Ahmadinejad added, "We are capable of defending our rights." He said he did not think some states would act so unwisely and risk their own prestige and that of the Security Council more than before."

No change in Iran's foreign policy

Ahmadinejad said that there is no change and adjustment in the country's foreign policy.

The president said that the country's foreign policy has always been the way it is and that elimination of the root cause of tensions is what Iran is looking for.

Ahmadinejad made the remark in response to a question raised by a foreign reporter about adjustment of Iran's foreign policy over the recent days.

Meanwhile, the chief executive said, "We do not accept the US policy on running the world affairs and consider it as hegemonic and unilateral. We are prepared to hold a televised debate on the issue."

Iran provides West with exceptional opportunity to solve nuclear issue

President said that despite the bad approach of the West, Iran has provided a highly exceptional opportunity for just solving its nuclear issue and all world problems.

Addressing domestic and foreign reporters, the president said that while Iran was approaching Europe's proposal positively, the Westerners issued a resolution against the country at the United Nations Security Council.

"After the resolution was issued, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called me and criticized such a hasty move.

"We could have stopped assessment of the receive package of proposal to let them prove their honesty. However, we provided them with an exceptional opportunity to solve the existing problems," said the president.

Iranian nation advocates peace

Turning to Iran's response to the package of incentives offered by the Group of 5+1, he said "We believe we can resolve various world issues through negotiations."

The president stressed Iran's response paved the way for the resumption of talks with Europe.

"We believe our proposals have prepared suitable grounds for resolving the issues and problems existing between Iran and them if they are logical and peace-loving."

World War II mentality still alive in the world

Ahmadinejad deplored the gap between the rich and poor nations and the arms race which indicate the fact that the mentality of the World War II is still alive in the world.

"The political situation of the World War II has been kept alive by the big powers. They have embarked on arms race and threat in order to safeguard superiority over other nations," he said in a press conference.

Elaborating on the decision making process of the United Nations Security Council, President Ahmadinejad challenged the privilege of the five permanent states (in holding veto power).

"The US and UK are using such a privilege in a way as if they were owners of the world. How many years should they enjoy this privilege? the president questioned.

International relations should be founded on basis of Justice, democracy

Deploring the process of decision making in the United Nations Security Council, Ahmadinejad said the time has now arrived to found the international relations on the basis of democracy, justice and equal rights for all nations.

"The US and UK are the source of many wars, conflicts and oppression. The decision making process (of the Security Council) is such that the US and UK are imposing their decisions on 180 other states and regard themselves as the entire world," President Ahmadinejad said.

"The US and UK see themselves as the victors of the World War II and for this reason the other nations should follow them.

The question is, "Why should other nations pay the price for the war (World War II) in which they did not participate? How long such a situation should prevail in the world? he asked.

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