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Let's condemn racist comments about Arabic Language of Khuzestan

By Shobbar Moeel, California


Dear Payvand Editor;


On 8/26/06, you have published an article entitled Who Won The Iran-Iraq War?, by Reza Vatandoust. I found his article was racist, untruthful, inflammatory and one-sided against the Iranian Arabs of Khuzestan. 


The writer, in one of his remarks about Iranian Arabs of Khuzestan wrote that “… the ethnic Iranians who speak a second language [a mutant version of Arabic (heavily overlayed with Persian words and grammar)] would be sympathetic and welcoming …….” 


I do not know where Mr. Vatandoust got his credentials to judge Arabic languages and declare to the world that Iranian Arabs are mutant, disordered and their grammar is nothing but overlayed by Persian grammar. It is understandable to assume that some words of Persian are substituted in Arabic for ease of conversation or lack of options of Arabic education at regular school system for Arabs. But it is beyond reality to claim that Arabic language grammar in Khuzestan is loaded with Farsi. Simply because you learn to speak before you go to school.    


I am an Iranian Arab, and this language enabled me to deeply understand the Persian literature especially the history and contents of “one thousands years of Adab-e Farsi” from the time of Rudaki to poetry giants such as Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, Nazami, contemporary Shamlu and etc. For your information, the Persian masterpieces are loaded not only with Arabic words but also with Arabic lines and in some places with pages of Arabic writings. According to your kind of reasons, they should have been labelled “Mutant Poets.”


But I think differently, Iranians are diverse people, with different languages, cultures, climates, food, clothes and etc. As, we are different, but we have many commonalities, for example, all of us, we love our country very dearly, and the second is, all of us are anti-war. Unfortunately, not the former monarchs, and not the present government understood that “Our strength is our diversity, because new ideas of progress will surface from diverse cultures.” Iran belongs to its inhabitants and please let’s truly respect them for whatever ethnicity they come from, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Fras, Lors, Baluch, Turkman, Bakhteyari ….are all Iranians without any discrimination.


About the author:

Shobbar Moeel is a mechanical engineer by education and practice in the Bay Area. He is fluent in Farsi and Arabic languages.


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