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A Letter to the Louvre


Following the recent name violation of the Persian Gulf in Louvre's guide maps, the Persian Gulf Online Organization sent a protest letter to Louvre Museum director Henri Loyrette.


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Following is the text of the letter:


Dear Mr. Henri Loyrette:


As members of Persian Gulf Online, an international organization of conscientious individuals dedicated to preservation and defense of historically accurate nomenclature identifying the body of water separating the Iranian Plateau from the Arabian Peninsula, we were both disappointed and surprised to learn that the Louvre Museum has been eliminating the word "Persian" from descriptions of the Persian Gulf in its guides.


Our disappointment is confounded by the fact that this seemingly deliberate act is in direct contradiction with the very concept of a universal institution that the Louvre Museum has strived to embody throughout its history since opening in 1793. Louvre's well-renowned reputation has been built upon adhering to the basic principles of conserving and protecting all national and international treasures and disseminating accurate and unbiased historical facts to the public.


We are also surprised that our past efforts protesting usage of fabricated terms other than "Persian Gulf" on some of the maps on display at the Louvre Museum have been disregarded and the misleading geographical citations have now appeared in the museum's guides, in direct contradiction of thousands of years of culture and tradition.


For your information the historical name "Persian Gulf" was first coined over two millenniums ago by the ancient Greeks as Sinus Persicus as recorded by renowned Greek historians/geographers and then by the Romans as Mare Persicum . The Persian Gulf has been legally recognized as such in the international arena ever since. The United Nations has officially declared twice on the correct and historical name "Persian Gulf" through the UN documents UNAD, 311/Gen on March 5, 1971 and UNLA 45.8.2 (C) on August 10, 1984.


The recent name alterations have their origins in pan-Arab ideology of the mid-20th century and economic policy making pertaining to the region. In short, the process of at-tempting to re-write history and re-label geographical entities was part of the overall endeavor to promote and popularize a new political identity by the inculcation of racial-ism. Simply put, geopolitical nomenclature is propelled by latent motives that pose dangers to peace and understanding among nations.


Furthermore, we also realize that the Sheikhs of Kuwait and the UAE have pledged to donate considerable funds to the Louvre in order to establish new branches of your museum in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. Although this will certainly serve the people of the region well, we speculate that the recent name revisions may be tied to such donations. As a result of large oil revenues, it has become possible and customary for some of the Arab sheiks of the Persian Gulf to purchase history as their states did not exist even a few decades ago.


Please note that the endorsement of geographical revisionism is simply providing legitimacy to an ideology that will only serve to greatly endanger and offend the people, identity, and culture of an otherwise important region that has played a crucial role in human history. It will certainly have negative ramifications for all interested parties and for the long-term peace and stability in the entire Persian Gulf region.


We also refer you to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS-UMR 7528) that on its webpage depicts a map of Iran with the correct reference to the Persian Gulf:


We, therefore request that the respectable Louvre Museum thoroughly consider the facts presented and move to prevent further abuse of the historically accurate nomenclature for the Persian Gulf. We expect an official communiqué advising everyone to use this proper term and correct the guides accordingly. It is our belief that this matter is very crucial to the preservation of the credibility, integrity, dignity, and impartiality of one of the most highly valued cultural organizations in the world.




Persian Gulf Online Organization



The Persian Gulf Online Organization is a non-political, non-partisan, and non-religious entity comprised of a network of active volunteers across the globe dedicated to preserving and protecting the Persian legacy and historical name of the Persian Gulf. Please visit us at


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