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A great coffee place in Tehran

12/22/06 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Tehran like all other metropolises has many hidden beautiful corners and places. I had heard from my good friends about a lovely café near 7th Tir Square. They had assured me that it offers great coffee and the ambiance is top notch.

We had a meeting a few days ago, not far from the street that the café is on. Unlike many Tehrani, I hate to be late for a meeting so we got there half an hour early and so we decided to give this new café a try.

Dear readers, if you are ever in or near 7th Tir Karimkhan-Zand Ave., please go to Central Coffee at 129 South Kheradman and try probably some of the best coffees, cappuccinos or espressos you will find in Tehran. You will not be disappointed. They also offer a wide range of fruit ice-cream with nuts and chocolate chips and freshly squeezed seasonal fruit - I had a great glass of the fresh sweet lemon juice which is so unique to life in Iran.

The place was very clean, despite the smallness, everything was well placed; and the staff were polite and friendly. I simply found the place awesome. Anyone who comes to Tehran should have it on their list of places to drop in. Your places were really empty and here I have a few pictures for you to share our lovely short break there.

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