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Goods labelled with "Arabian Gulf" banned in Iran


TEHRAN, Dec.25 (ISNA)-Iran has generated a technical committee to study the prohibition of exports and imports of goods tagged with the pseudo name of "Arabian Gulf."

"Goods tagged Arabian Gulf and textiles that have the Persian Gulf map printed on them but are titled as Arabian Gulf are banned from import to Iran," informed Iran's custom affairs deputy, Mohammad Reza Naderi.

"Goods that are labelled with the title of Arabian Gulf are obliterated and have no rights whatsoever to be brought into the country," he reiterated.

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"The technical committee is closely studying the matter so that we can make an expertise decision that would not affect Iran's exports and not subject the state to the political pressures of some countries," he added.

"Some countries also compel Iranian exporters to tag their goods with Gulf instead of the Persian Gulf. We are also drawing a decision on that attempt as well," he concluded.

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