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The Big Bad Bullies message to Iran: Get the bomb now or submit to our will!

By Ali Moayedian


The Bully3 (aka EU3 - Britain, Germany and France) along with US continue to threaten Iran to forgo her rights to nuclear technology. For the last several years, the Bully3+US have continuously made blunt threats against Iran. Just some recent news pieces show where these bullies stand. The Bully Britain threatens Iran to stop making threats or else!  The Bully Germany threatens Iran with military force!  The Bully France goes even further and threatens Iran with nuclear strike! Not to be forgotten, the Bully US, master of all bullies, has been making threats left and right. George Bush is dead set to impose his will on Iran, and if that doesn't work, he plans to impose his democracy on her. It's left as an exercise to the leader to find and prove the difference J


To make the picture perfect, the other two big bad bullies, namely Bully Russia and Bully China, have now joined the Gang of Big Bad Bullies. The logic is obvious. Bullies cannot share power and require total submission, and Iran is testing their will and threatening their spheres of bullying influence. If Iran succeeds, others will follow. And the bullies cannot be bullies no more. That's what makes Iran's case very special.


The gang of bullies led by George Bush, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, and the new bully on the block Angela Merkel are sharpening their teeth and building their appetite to tear Iran apart. And this all under the disguise of eliminating threats posed by Iran, fighting state-sponsored terrorism and/or brining democracy to Iran. While all along the same bullies protect the brutal dictatorships of the likes of Uzbekistan, engage in terror and torture (and defend their practices too!), and bomb Iraq to oblivion and engage in mass killing of civilians under false pretenses and based on fabricated intelligence data.


Not surprisingly, the crimes of these bullies are conveniently ignored by their loyal mass media, while the foolish statements of Iranian President are blown into big horns a thousand times every day and hour. Welcome to the 21st century my dear fellow world citizens. Wake up and smell the bullies. The world doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the few Big Bad Bullies. You either accept this fact and leave a happy life and enjoy the bones thrown at you for your obedience, or you'll suffer like a dog. Another exercise for the readers to figure the difference between the two styles of living J


What's the lesson for Iran? Get the bomb, and get it fast. Or else you will be crushed by the bullies. Forget cooperation. It doesn't pay. Look to your next door neighbor for your lesson or you'll learn it the hard way. The Bully US and Bully Britain bombed the hell out of Iraq, but after they had made sure there were no WMD there to be used for retaliations! It's a nice way of doing business. You first corner the guy you want to smash and demand that he prove to you that he doesn't have any weapons. Once you've made sure he's clean, you beat the crap out of him. And you explain yourself by saying the guy failed to cooperate and provide evidence that he had no weapons. Works every time J  And you then pound him some more till he's trained to do things your way. You then call him a freed man, and you let him sit or roll as you wish J


The bullies' message to Iran is to follow the examples of Pakistan, India, North Korea, and of course Israel: Cooperation doesn't pay, producing the bomb does! Israel, with the generous help of the Bully Britain and big daddy Bully US, has mastered nuclear bomb making and now has a comfortable stockpile of death and destruction to redecorate the whole of the Middle East and more if she so wishes. And Pakistan, Taliban's big daddy and the hotbed of Al Qaeda, is armed to the teeth with atomic bombs. But the military rulers of Pakistan are exempted from the democracy formula prescribed for the rest of the region. Instead they are considered a friend by the Bully US and are being rewarded billions of dollars along with more weapons! So much for war against terror...


And the story of India and North Korea isn't a whole lot different. India is being rewarded by the Bully US for not cooperating with NPT and for getting to the bomb on fast-track. North Korea is being let off the hook due to their perceived possessing of nuclear weapons. And they are being protected by their big daddy the Bully China.


There are certainly lessons to be learned by Iran here...


Now that Iran has been cornered and targeted, there are only few options to choose from: a) Find a daddy bully who can protect you; b) Get the A bomb, and get it fast; c) Bend over and submit to the will of the bullies (aka international will). The first option clearly doesn't seem to be a viable one. As to the other two, it will be left as an exercise for the Big Bad Bullies to figure out which one Iran will go for J



About the author:

Ali Moayedian is a citizen of the world enjoying his "life of a dog" in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.




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