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It's the Water, Stupid!

By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


There is a school of thought that holds America’s hostilities and unforgiving stance towards Iran stem from the U.S. embassy takeover – an era which clearly emasculated the United States.  That is at may be, is a clear distraction from the underlying reason behind why Iran is labeled the ‘foremost state sponsor of terrorism’ by America, this administration in particular.


One must not lose sight of the fact that Israel garners a large percentage of its water from the territories occupied since the 1967war.   Especially relevant is the Israeli control of the Golan Heights.  Although Israel maintains this area is needed as a military stronghold against attacks from Syria, the area actually gives it access to water-rich Golan; even though the Heights do not hold much water.  This is done largely though the Seal of Galilee (through the National Water Carrier).  It is in this manner that the Israelis meet much of their national water needs. 


Clearly, one can deduct that the Israeli presence in Southern Lebanon has a water security dimension to it.  Hezbollah is a stumbling block to this as it stands to protect the right of the people in Lebanon against those who would illegally re-direct its natural resources – a commodity extremely rare in that part of the world – to Israel.  As such, Hezbollah is a terrorist element, and America, in support of Israel, promotes this accusation.


Furthermore, Israel pumps water from the aquifers in the occupied West Bank for the use of the settlers.  For as long as the settler’s needs were met, Israel continued to build more settlements, without a thought to withdrawal from Palestinian land.  However, by the early 1990s, they were pumping water out at an unsustainable rate, resulting in substantial salt water infiltration.  Large number of Soviet Jewish migration only increased this problem.  In that the Road Map to Peace was agreed to, was not for the benefit of peace, nor Sharon’s love of a peaceful settlement, but because the land is a dry parchment and useless to the Israelis.  He had already implemented other plans.


Today, there have been renewed clashes between the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Israeli army – not surprisingly, the conflict was over a Jewish family who had moved from the Gaza Strip and had settled in water-rich Southern Lebanon. Is it so very hard to connect the dots?[1]


It is noteworthy that when Prime Minister Hariri was killed, the world pointed an accusing finger at Syria, forcing it to withdraw within its borders.  Hezbollah was asked to disarm, leaving Lebanon defenseless for further exploitation – settlement?  Of course, Iran continues to be the state-sponsor of terrorism.  While Iran maintains to be pursuing a peaceful nuclear energy, the world, led by Israel and the United States want to destroy our nation as it sponsors terrorism.   With Iran out of the picture—which is certainly in the cards-- it would be interesting to imagine the future shape of the Middle East…..



[1] Source: BBC online -

Other sources quoted regarding water issues: Roy R. Andersen et al. “Politics and Change in the Middle East: Sources of Conflict and Accommodation” 7th ed.,Prentice Hall. 2004


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