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The Discreet Iranian sidekick: Philippe Khorsand comic Portrayals seduces French

Interview by Télé Star Nathalie Vigneu with Introduction and Translation by Darius KADIVAR


©Photos Eric Jeanmonod



Philippe Khorsand is certainly a discreet yet talented presence on the French TV arena for the past 30 years. Born to a French mother and Persian Father, his classic training has allowed him to play in some of the great French repertoires as varied as Moliere or Feydeau. The first Time I heard of Khorsand was when my father recognized his namesake as that of an old school comrade in medical school In Paris then in the US Minneapolis. He looks just the same, my father burst laughing. Indeed the comrade in question was Philippe Khorsand's uncle.


Top and Bottom Philippe Khorsand has often been seen on the
Parisian theatre.for more than three decades



I have ever since followed Khorsand's eclectic career on and off screen with some jubilation and curiosity. He has worked with such great stars as Jean Paul Belmondo, Jean Pierre Bacri, Christian Clavier, Valérie Lemercier, Annie Duperay or Bernard LeCoq.


But it is with two major TV productions that he has gained fame in the past decade and a half. First as the eccentric manager of the Soap Opera Palace in the early nineties. And more recently as the Richard the funny sidekick of Jacques (Bernard LeCoq) the three star cook caught in many unusual family dilemmas in the TV series Une Famille Formidable aka a Wonderful Family that has been running with increasing success for the past thirteen years on French Channel 2 TV propelling both Khorsand and LeCoq as the French family Laurel and Hardy spoof of the 90's.



Le Zéro aka the Zero Philippe Khorsand and comic Daniel Prévost
© Eric Jeanmonod




Below is the translation of an interview given by both actors to a recent issue of Télé Star.



For 13 years now they are cracking jokes in the Wonderful Family


Bernard LeCoq and Philippe Khorsand


"We are Aging well together, no ?"

Amidst quarrels, childish games and a masculine complicity, Bernard LeCoq(Jacques Beaumont) and Philippe Khorsand (Richard Mathis) play with jubilation the two childhood friends of Une Famille Formidable.


TELE STAR: Thirteen years of complicity on screen creates links ?


Bernard LeCoq: Certainly ! We even do it with pleasure. Our characters seem to put themselves in impossible situations.


Philippe Khorsand: (Laughs) Jacques and Richard are like Cats and Dogs. Its funny, However we age well together maybe because we come from the same Village in Le Berry. Between takes we express ourselves in the local language.


TS: In this new season Jacques and Richard are at crossroads, depressed and tempted by extra marital relations. Is that realistic at your ages ?


Philippe Khorsand: A Wonderful Family says very true things on the absurdity of Life and the difficulties of Life...


Bernard LeCoq: Actually  We play magnificent losers. When Jacques gets an overdoes of Viagra to honor his wife, its hilarious ... and alas quite true at our ages. (Laughs).


TS: These portrayal of these two clowns does it have an impact on your personalities too ?


Bernard LeCoq: When they see Jacques my real life friends laugh a lot ... I think I should have this absent minded side in me. However I do not put myself in such silly situations and I quarrel less with my friends.


Philippe Khorsand: When I get angry I can shout very loudly like my character Richard !


TS: What place does friendship play in your life ? 


Bernard LeCoq: Its essential ...  I have several old friends who like wine, good food and they get me out of my introvert personality.


Philippe Khorsand: I got angry with a childhood friend for something stupid. It's a real shame.


TS: How do you see your characters  Age ?


Bernard LeCoq: I Wonder how they will react to their retirement.


Philippe Khorsand: I see them prolonging their teenage years for ever.



About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a freelance journalist and film reviewer born to an Iranian father and French mother. He works and lives in France.



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