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3.6b cu. ft. of gas per day to be produced at North Pars


TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (Mehr News Agency) - Mehdi Elahi, director for project planning and monitoring at Pars Oil and Gas Company said on Wednesday 3.6 billion cu. ft. of gas per day would be produced in three phases of the North Pars gas field.

He added that the company is presently conducting the primary studies on gas production in this field.

The primary design has been so far carried out in the field, and thereby the seismography costs have been predicted, he said, expressing hope the company would introduce the consulter of the project in the next Iranian year (to be started March 21, 2006).

Elahi further said that the company is presently choosing the contractor for implementing the seismographic measures.

Explaining about the budget predicted for developing the North Pars, he stated the cost for some parts of the project such as the three-dimensional (3D) seismography and the comprehensive studies on reservoir will be provided out of the domestic resources.

"However, the decision on providing the costs for the main development of the field out of the finance resources will be made based on the view of the board of directors of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and the Economic Council," he further explained.

The development of North Pars gas field was halted in the recent years due to the importance of development of the joint South Pars gas field. But, it is paid attention once again with regard to the current process of gas consumption, he noted in conclusion.

Siahmakan refinery capable of producing 18,000 bpd LNG

TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (Mehr News Agency) -- Following the repair jobs on the Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Complex of Siahmakan-1300 Refinery, output from the plant has significantly increased.

Lack of control over the temperature of the acid gases (CO2 AND H2S) absorption tower of the plant had led to a number of other problems most important of which were unsatisfactory refinement of the gas, loss of the gas-associated amines, pollution of the circulating glycol as well as the over-consumption of anti foam substance in the tower.

After the required repairs and maintenance works were carried out on the plant, in addition to the elimination of the problems, the plant's efficiency was also augmented, noted an official at Gachsaran Oil and Gas Production Company (GOGPC).

As an important and newly established plant affiliated with GOGPC, the Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Complex of Siahmakan-1300 is capable of producing 18,000 barrels of liquefied natural gas per day.

GOGPC itself is affiliated to the National Iranian South Oilfields Company (NISOC).

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