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Good, Great and Fantastic Restaurants in Tehran: Entrecote

2/27/06 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Last month we had many friends who had come for the holiday to Tehran and we had some personal occasions to celebrate. It is customary to go to parties at peoples homes here, but several times just for a change recently, we went to some of Tehran's best restaurants. In this short piece I shall introduce you to them so when you are here next time you might like to try them out for yourself. Please make sure that you book your table in advance if you are taking someone important or if you are going there for a special occasion. They are often fully booked, in particular for dinner and on holidays.

Entrecote - French Cuisine

The first place we were invited to was Entrecote, which I was told by the manager Mr. Salehzadeh is a branch of the famous Paris restaurant. This was the first time we had been there. It is located at No. 1 South Shiraz Street, Khordestan Expressway. They are open for lunch (11:30AM-3:30PM) and for dinner (7PM-11PM). You may make your reservation by telephone or fax. Telephone numbers are: 8805 8310-11 and fax number is 8805 8321. I am sure those who have been to their other restaurants around the world would like to try it out and see for themselves how this one matches up to the standards they know.

One of the best things about Entrecote is the fact that parking is not a big problem and once you cross the road, a very friendly doorman opens the door for you with a big smile on his face. Sadly, he was the only member of the staff that actually did smile the whole time we were there.

The restaurant looks more petite than it actually is. There are three small levels and the ceiling is not very high. They had their own embossed dishes, paper tablecloths and glasses.

We placed our orders and I must admit the quality of the food was great, the only problem that I had was that their famous Entrecote sauce, which I am sure many of their clients would happily buy if it was sold anywhere, tasted the same for fish and meat. If they were different I did not realize it as they must have tasted almost the same.

It is our custom that when we go to a new place we all order different choices and we then share it and exchange views and experiences. The food is mainly French and their French fries are truly great. Also I must admit their salad gets a good mark from me, but maybe if they served it on a bigger plate, one could enjoy it without spilling it on the table!

The biggest shortfall here was the fact that the gentlemen who served us, although they were very polite, seemed to do so with very little enthusiasm or taste for it. I guess one must not complain as Iranians would generally rather be served than serve! I would love a place where those who serve me could easily be like a young friend or relative and be sitting next to me and at the same time could be the one who serve me! Enshaallah (God Willing)!

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