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Rationality factor and Iran's nuclear technology program

By: Ali Baharlou, Australia  


Recent and not so recent accusations and cries of foul play levelled against Iran by the US and the European Union lead-countries have, amongst other things, more to do with Western mindset than the irrefutable cold facts currently seen on the ground.  


The predominant characteristic of this mindset is to process input information and come to a conclusion based on what is termed and propagated as rational thinking. This rational thinking, in the domain of exact sciences, yields or at least is expected to result in a rationally explainable outcome. 2 and 2 in math is expected to yield 4 and any other possibility is discounted. Vigorous and unrelenting attempts at the application of rational scientific thought processes of an exact nature to inexact social sciences encompassing human behaviour, where the possibility of not arriving at 4 by adding 2 and 2 may exist, are still being made in academic circles with spillage onto political and administrative circles naturally prone to twisting and molding processes to achieve predetermined outcomes detrimental to scientific innocence and objectivity.


No doubt 'generalization' is a valuable ability of rational human brain to extend and apply; it saves time and promotes further thinking. Application, however, has its limits either to kind or manner yearning to be adapted or discarded. This is where part of the problem lies. Countries, mainly Western, spearheading the multi-thronged attack on Iran seemingly for its nuclear technology program are applying the same rational scientific thinking to the politics of nuclear technology. Nuclear science may be exact and calculable but its pointed politics is not! Western Countries' leaders spearheading the aggressive diplomatic assault on Iran cannot accept what they see but see, or at least want to see, what they can't.


Geopolitics of the  region added to the past and present catastrophic events in Iran and countries surrounding Iran are compelling enough for the rational Western mindset not accept the irrationality of the findings of IAEA with regard to Iran's nuclear program. In a simple term, when applying the rational and scientific thinking formulae to the findings of the IAEA in relation to Iran's nuclear endeavor Western Leaders say 'it doesn't add up'. In other words, they are saying to the scientists and administrators of IAEA: 'You are incompetent fools and we don't trust you because you haven't managed to uncover what our rational minds are telling us is there because it should be there!'. Looking at Iran and geopolitical environ it is located today, The US and European leaders' mindsets rationalize that Iran needs atomic weapons to protect itself in the created chaos that  prevails  in the region and therefore it is irrational and foolish for Iran not to vie for atomic weapons. This is in spite of the fact that time and again it has been declared, by IAEA, that  no such program has been uncovered. Indeed no guns; let alone smoking ones!


Here's a seemingly very irrational personal experience of mine to end the article with:  A few years ago visiting Iran I happened to share a taxi with three other people from Azadi Square west of Tehran to Khaje Abdollah somewhere in the east. The pleasant young guy sitting next to me started a conversation with me all the way to Resalat, some 10 to 15 kilometers from where I hailed the taxi. He said goodbye and got out. The taxi driver took me up along Shariati Ave and dropped me at Hosseinieh Ershad, the closest to where I was heading. I asked the driver how much the fare was. The response was " Befarma'id Agha  Hessaab shoud", meaning it's been taken care of.  I asked him what he meant by 'hesaab shoud'. He said the guy talking to you in the taxi paid for you. How and how much without drawing my attention I am still curious to know. By then I had lived in Europe and Australia for about twenty years and had never experienced, heard or seen a complete stranger to exhibit such manners, that my western oriented mindset for obvious irrationality factor finds it hard to digest, well aware that he would most probably never see me again. This may not be your everyday occurrence but it is the result of an Iranian and possibly Middle Eastern mindset that is in direct challenge to the so called Western rational thinking. Rationality, when it comes to human behaviour as opposed to exact scientific behaviour, comes in various shades and cannot and should not be over-generalized. When I let my rational scientific logic take a leave, it became much easier for me to find rationality in a complete stranger paying, on the grounds of a 30 minute conversation, for my taxi fare. The morale of the Taxi adventure  in relation to the EU and the US taking issue with Iran's nuclear program is ... Leave it to you to draw your own conclusion by any means you see fit including the rational scientific generalization!


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