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Iranian President: Big powers intend to dominate Persian Gulf


Bandar Abbas, Hormuzgan Prov, Jan 12, IRNA-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that big powers intend to dominate the strategic region of the Persian Gulf.

Addressing the elite in this southern province, Ahmadinejad termed the Persian Gulf as the most important and sensitive political and economic region in the world.

"The Persian Gulf enjoys a special geopolitical and economic status. The enemies have made huge investments to attain their goals and to this end have been intensifying grudge and hostility among regional Muslim states," he said.

Stressing that the Persian Gulf should be a gulf of peace and friendship, he said, "We seek peace and tranquility in the region and see no reason for grudge among regional Muslim states.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran strives to have friendly ties with all its neighboring states in the Persian Gulf and to prepare grounds for the withdrawal of satanic forces.

"We call for the highest level of cooperation as well as popular political and economic relations with the Persian Gulf littoral states and support any move leading to expansion of ties among the nations of this region.

"We are a Muslim nation... and the Islamic Revolution is not restricted to a specific geographical region and we call for mutual ties with all nations based on justice.

"Those who want peace in the region should know that durable and lasting tranquility will not be possible unless it is based on justice and belief in God."

The president added, "We are against hegemonic policies. Not only we will not give in to force but also we will help other nations not to surrender to hegemony. We should play our role in materializing international peace.

"Today, all world nations are interested in the culture manifested in Iran. Our nation, which is a vanguard of peace and justice in the world, cannot be indifferent to bullyings, aggressions and injustice.

"The Iranian nation cannot remain indifferent to stockpiling of chemical and biological weapons by those who claim to be supporters of human rights."

Referring to his proposal on setting up a committee at the United Nations to investigate the human rights conditions in Western and European countries, he said, "We are duty-bound to play our role in promoting justice.

"Those whose depots are filled with chemical weapons and their hands are tainted with the blood of this nation's offsprings talk about human rights and level accusations against us. We, however, will stand against them.

"The hegemonic powers have become angry and shown reaction to our proposal on investigation into the human rights conditions in their countries and holding a dispute with them in this regard.

"They are annoyed with the brave stance taken by the Iranian nation and government and are threatening us."

Turning to domestic issues, he said the southern province of Hormuzgan enjoys great natural potentials and talented workforce.

Stressing that free zones should serve the regional people, he said they should not act merely as gateways for the import of goods.

In this connection, he said, "The government strives to revise all laws and regulations which encourage poverty and social class difference."

Rafsanjani says Iran will break down colonial taboos

Rasht, Jan 12, IRNA-Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani here Thursday said Iran would break down the colonial taboos against using nuclear energy peacefully.

The former president, who made the statement in his short talk with reporters, added the decision has been made by the council.

"To me, colonial attitude is the main reason behind the West's opposition to Iran's peaceful nuclear activities," he added.

"They plan to deprive the Third World countries particularly the Islamic states of nuclear technology, keeping them always some steps behind."

Rafsanjani put great emphasis on Iran's inalienable right to have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The EC chairman has made a trip to the capital of northern Gilan Province to attend a martyrs memorial in Bandar Anzali and hold negotiations with provincial officials and scholars.

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