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President Ahmadinejad: Iran to continue cooperation with UN nuclear agency

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday Iran would proceed with cooperation with UN nuclear agency on on-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). He said in his second press conference since taking office that Iran respects NPT and religious teachings forbid weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

"We don't care about other countries possessing arsenals of nuclear arms and WMD," President Ahmadinejad said.

"Those who think they have become powerful by possessing MWD should know that we don't have such a belief according to religious obligation. We believe in peaceful application of nuclear energy." "The so-called advocates of world peace and security should respect international conventions to assure the international community that they don't want to impose their belief on us," President Ahmadinejad said.

Countries possessing nuclear bombs have no privilege

There is no privilege for countries which have nuclear bombs except that the weapons only serve to tarnish their image, Ahmadinejad said.

"We believe such weapons should be dismantled; if we are to manage the world, we will collect the missiles too because we believe humanity means logic, knowledge, wisdom, and dialogue."

He said, "I ask under what pretext does the Qods-occupying regime, have 200 warheads? What power does it have when its very foundations are shaken by just one question? We asked a question and they (the Zionist state of Israel) began to become insecure.

"Thought, ideology and wisdom are getting to rule the world; Those investing in nuclear weapons are irrationally depleting the assets of their peoples."

He added that today those who are speaking to the Iranian nation in a harsh and illegal literature need to have ties with Iran tens of times more than the Iranian nation needs them.

Elsewhere in the press conference, Ahmadinejad said the West should give necessary guarantees to Iran and officially recognize the rights of the Iranian nation.

He declared that the West should make its nuclear weapons issues transparent so that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be able to monitor them and create restrictions for them. "They should stop their political games," declared the president.

"These are our demands which, if accepted, will prove that they (the Westerners) are abiding by the law," he said.

Asked whether the IAEA Board members could independently ask for referring Iran's case to the UN Security Council, Ahmadinejad said the issue should be confirmed by the IAEA Board and the UN Security Council can take it into consideration.

"Since we have logic and the law (on our side), therefore we are not concerned over others' behavior; but we are regretful of the world and others; how many countries should demonstrate their power to achieve global tranquility?

"Our path is clear; we are for dialogue, logic and law and do not wish to escalate tension; however, we certainly do know how to defend our interests."

He denied claims that Interior Ministry had provided a list of non-governmental organizations in order to take actions against them.

Position on Israel

A reporter asked about position of his government about Israel, he said no new position has been taken.

"I asked two questions and expect a reply from them," President Ahmadinejad said.

"The first question is where have those who are ruling Palestine and allow themselves to destroy houses and systematically make several thousand Palestinians homeless come from?"

"The second question is how should those who have immigrated to Palestinian territory have the right to determine destiny of native people of Palestine whereas the Palestinian people themselves have no sovereignty right?"

"Iran says that it believes that the native people of Palestine both Muslims and non-Muslims should be given the right to determine their own fate and how you, the so-called advocates of democracy, do not accept such a proposal."

On Western states support for the mass killing of Palestinians under the pretext of Holocaust in Europe, the question is that if they claim responsibility for the Holocaust, why do they regard as anti-peace anyone who raises a question on the matter? he asked.

"I'm a university teacher and I will not drop my question due to the hue and cry they have launched against my question. If you had been anti-semitic in the past, you should make good on it yourself. You are not entitled to take a wrong action and force others to pay for it. If there had been no anti-semitism in Europe, ok., why do you make hue and cry?," he asked.

"In the modern world no one agrees not to speak about an issue.

Those who have such a mentality have medieval mindset. Just like the event that they forced a scientist not to say the Earth is moving, otherwise, he would face guillotine," President Ahmadinejad said.

"These are the same people who had guillotine and sword at that time (middle age) and they possess nuclear, microbiological and chemical arms today," President Ahmadinejad said.

He called on Western scientists to speak about the reality.

"You cannot stop them from speaking. A country which prevents scientists from speaking is doomed."

Western states do not allow IAEA to install cameras on nuclear sites

Iran asks International Atomic Energy Agency to install its cameras on nuclear sites of certain Western states which are accusing Iran of violating Safeguards Agreement of the Agency, Ahmadinejad said.

He told the press conference that Iran has never violated Safeguards Agreement of the UN nuclear agency and cameras of the nuclear watchdog have been installed on all Iranian nuclear sites to monitor them.

"Iran asks the UN nuclear agency to install its cameras on nuclear sites of the Western states which have embarked on propaganda campaign against Iranian nuclear program. We know they will not allow the UN nuclear agency to do so. They don't believe in international conventions. The world public opinion knows that they are making mockery of themselves," President Ahmadinejad said.

He said that Iranian nuclear program is transparent and in line with Safeguards Agreement of the IAEA, but, none of the Western states accusing Iran of violating Safeguards Agreement of the UN nuclear agency respects IAEA regulations.

Western states should allow inspection of their nuclear facilities

Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that Iran's peaceful nuclear activities are more crystal clear than any other countries adding "the Western countries should allow inspection of their nuclear facilities."

The president posed the question whether those Western countries would allow their nuclear facilities to be inspected or not.

"What type of literature do they use to address our nation?" asked the president adding that their words would only discredit the IAEA as well as the UN Security Council.

In response to a question by a Japanese reporters on Iran's nuclear issues, he said "We have announced time and again that the claims raised by Westerners have no legal base and I would like to advise them not to isolate themselves. Adopting a bullying policy will only spread hatred among their nations."

Leaders of the Western negotiating teams are among the most hated heads of states among others as well as among their own nations, he said.

"The Middle Ages era is over and they should quit using the language of force and bullying," Ahmadinejad said, adding "If you are in search of a role to play in global equations, you should avoid discrediting the international organizations.

"We have always called for negotiations but advise them (the Europeans) to get to know the revolutionary nation of Iran and its government," said the president.

"You assume that by insulting others on your TV and confirming each other's words you will be able to get a right for yourselves in the world. Can you call your behavior as a civilized one?" he questioned.

"Our nation is an independent nation which is taking action under international regulations and is to pursue its own path," said the president," he said.

Iran's foreign policy, highly dynamic, systematic

Ahmadinejad said that Iran's foreign policy vis-a-vis regional and global affairs is based on a "very clear" logic, which is the logic of tranquility and peace for all and is founded on justice and spirituality.

"We are for expansion of relations (with other countries," said Ahmadinejad.

He said Iran's foreign policy seeks peace and tranquility for all nations and "By the grace of God, we have been moving in the same line until today."

The president regretted that today, human societies are ruled by certain rulers who are against spirituality and have no faith in it.

"A number of arrogant individuals, who get tranquilized only by exploiting and dominating nations, are at the helm of power," said the president.

He regretted that today, mankind is under control of certain governments which intend to impose "artificial peace" on the international community in defiance of justice and spirituality. "We believe that such peace and tranquility will not be established because they lack necessary foundation for peace.

"Today, humanity is dominated by the rulers who want to provide security for their own people by imposing war on other nations," added the president.

Today's conditions have connected all nations together, said Ahmadinejad, adding that economy, culture and politics can not take their natural courses on islands separated from the world.

Those who think they can provide tranquility by imposing war, insecurity and violence on other nations are mistaken, added the president.

He said today, the inferno of tension, discrimination, and injustice is evident in every part of the world but its flames will burn those who have ignited it.

"We have said that we favor for peace, calm and human dignity for all and want to live in peace with the rest of the world on equal basis," added the chief executive.

Elsewhere in the press conference, Ahmadinejad expressed hope that his government during its tenure will try to materialize its election campaign promises and objectives.

Promotion of peace under the light of justice

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Saturday that Iran intends to promote peace and tranquility for everyone under the light of `justice' and `spirituality'. He added that an active foreign policy, which is high on the agenda, is being pursued by the government.

"If sustainable peace and tranquility is to be secured in the world, this will not be materialized unless it is based upon `justice' and `spirituality'.

"A peace imposed through swords as well as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons will last long. A peace based upon looting, discriminatory decisions and unjust progress does not make sense," he added.

The president noted that those attempting to attain welfare and make progress by disregarding justice and spirituality and without worshiping the God Almighty over the past 200 years have failed.

Turning to the fact that the perfection of human community is possible under the light of justice and spirituality, he stressed that politics, economy and culture without ethics turn the world into a hell for the humanity.

He referred to the wars, tyranny and injustice witnessed at various parts of the world day by day and said that they are rooted in such a situation.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the chief executive referred to the budget law of the new Iranian year (starting March 21) and said that a 10.3 percent boost has been effected in the total expenses of the government.

Ahmadinejad pointed to the government's fundamental policy towards development projects and said that to promote justice, the relevant figure has been increased by 74.2 percent as compared to that predicted based on the government performance in the current year and by 63.4 percent compared to that indicated by the budget bill, which has been ratified by Majlis.

"Thus, the government has reduced its unnecessary expenses and and the budget on formalities and rather allocated more funds to development sector," he added.

The president termed decentralization as one of the axes of justice and said that a 180 percent boost has been effected on the relevant provincial credits as compared to the current year.

Ahmadinejad put the ratio of the provincial credits to the total credits of the current year at 19.8 percent and said that it will be 34 percent in next year's budget.

"The ratio of the total development credits to the budget of the current year stands at 20.6 percent, which is to rise to 31.3 percent in the coming year," concluded the president.

Tehran ready for academic dialogue on human rights

Ahmadinejad said that Tehran has announced its readiness to engage in 'academic' dialogue on human rights.

"Our foreign policy is based on justice; we neither commit injustice against anybody nor will surrender to any injustice; we defend human dignity and have in the same vein announced our readiness to engage in academic dialogue," Ahmadinejad told the press conference when asked about his excellency's proposal for monitoring human rights in European states.

Ahmadinejad added, "We said that we welcome academicians in debates on discuss human rights principles and fundamentals; and (we are ready for) the both sides sending delegations to prepare reports on the issue; and this is a fair proposal."

The president criticized the use of human rights slogans as a 'baton', saying, "We are ready to assign groups to your countries to prepare and publish reports on secret prison cells, on tortures in jails, on discriminations, on how you run your elections, on the conditions of religious minorities, on the decisions made in support of terrorists at the international level, on the parliamentary system, on the judiciary system and on the administrative system; and you too can do the same. We (propose to) go to prepare and publish reports on the relationship your governments have with your people; you are also advised to come to prepare and publish reports.

"That's a good job; if it is observed by all governments, then a general monitoring will be made on the observation of human rights and the human rights issue will no longer serve as a 'baton' and a lever of pressure," added the president.

Ahmadinejad said, "Unfortunately, we have not received any response until today; of course, it is not important. I have drawn up a list of more than 20 proposals, which will be brought up gradually; thus far, I have raised two proposals.

"In return, we saw that as the fair proposal was raised, certain so-called human rights advocates started raising hue and cries and accusations, instead of saying whether they will come or not, or criticizing and amending it (the proposal) or making a new proposal.

"Unfortunately, today mankind is afflicted by certain rulers, whom they have not created; the rulers whose points of view are restricted to themselves and believe that if their arsenals are full to the brim with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, they will have more rights than other nations and can dictate their views to other nations," said the president.

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