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Pistachios, Poets and Power

By Joel Miller, Sweden


They're beating their war drums and chanting Iran.

They cry tears of steel and wail about the noble need to invade and conquer.

They caress their powerful tools of destruction and quiver with anticipation of success.

They can't imagine that their dreams are about to become nightmares.

They know nothing of Iranian pistachios.



These large, tender and exquisite nuts have been pleasing and nourishing the Iranians since long before Europeans walked on the American continent.

The aggressors know nothing of the fury they will unleash should they damaged a single pistachio tree.

The Iranians embrace a similar reverence for their dates.

These dates have sweetened their palates since long before the word candy existed in the English language,

since long before there was an English language.

The Iranians have joked and flirted with these dates,

evoked smiles and laughter from their children with them,

thanked their loved ones for sweet pleasures with them.

They are not going to put up with anyone desecrating their dates.

What do the aggressors know of pistachios or dates?

What do the aggressors know of Iranian carpets, Persian rugs?

Nearly indestructible wool from fat highland sheep knotted together and strengthened with other strands of nearly indestructible wool

forming carpets capable of sustaining generations of footsteps?

Protecting against cold, heat, dampness.

Capturing the imagination with patterns of beauty woven from the mysteries of ancestors.

The aggressors cannot imagine the heights to which the soul can fly

while sitting on such a carpet contemplating its secrets.

What do the aggressors know of the Iranian men? These friendly and generous men who can knot together in undefeatable determination

if their pistachios are damaged

or their dates desecrated

or their carpets sullied.

What do the aggressors know of the Iranian women? These women who can speak with their eyes and each one is capable of single-handedly eliminating forty thieves.

Do the aggressors know that these people are a nation of poets?

That poetry is woven into their heritage since the first blush of civilization

when they were taught that humanity's struggle is basically one of right against wrong, light against darkness, good against evil?

That their poets can spellbind monsters?

That their poets can summarize life in less than 20 words?

Do the aggressors have any idea what it means to attack a nation of poets?

That their steel and fire has no power against poetry?

That whatever destruction and suffering they bring to Iran will become ingredients in their own nightmare of defeat?

Of course they don't. They don't even know the significance of a pistachio.


Joel Miller ( lives in Sweden and is the author of From DNA to ABC


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