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Founders of the 2nd Persian Golden Lioness Awards announce Persian-Hungarian Cultural Bonds to International Press

Report on WAALM® by European Correspondent Darius KADIVAR





With a deeply rooted culture and civilization that spans over more than two millenniums, Persians as a community both inside and outside their motherland have greatly contributed to the Arts and intellectual emancipation of their contemporaries. Paradoxically the turmoil's of history and exile have also enriched an introspection on ourselves as a community and on our responsibility as Artists, Writers or Intellectuals as well as citizens of our country of adoption to play a part in a dialogue of civilizations so necessary in our tormented World. It is to respond to the growing desire of not only recognition but also encouragement of Persian Artists, Writers and People of Culture Worldwide as well as that of their colleagues in their new country of adoption that The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM® took an unprecedented initiative to support, develop, and promote the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners, and benefiting the public. The Persian Golden Lioness Awards®, sometimes are referred to as Iranian Oscars because they recognizes outstanding contributions to Persian-related arts, literature, and media in a glitzy black-tie and evening gown ceremony has no other ambition than to encourage and promote men and women who through their work subscribe to the humanistic values and love of beauty so dearly cherished by our great Persian poets through the ages.


Cooperate Partnership with One of the Major Hungarian Broadcasters KTV on
19th June 2006 the Founders of the Academy Prof. M. Dorbayani and
Mrs. Marjan Abdi and the CEO of KTV  Mr. Zsolt Bukovinski
© KTV and WAALM 

Upon Signing a Cooperate Partnership with One of the Major Hungarian Broadcasters
KTV on 19th June 2006 the Founders of the Academy Prof. M. Dorbayani and Mrs. Marjan Abdi and the CEO of KTV  Mr. Zsolt Bukovinski received the Press and expressed the importance of this cooperation for promoting the Arts in Hungary one of Europe's Historical Cultural Centers. Hungary and Persia have mutually interacted culturally throughout their history. Paradoxically due to the turmoil's of history and exile in the two respective countries their Intellectual Community and Diaspora have often contributed to the World Arts Scene and set trends and models for celebrating beauty, talent and excellence as few have ever achieved before. This is all the more remarkable that these Great Men and Women achieved success and an International fame outside their own motherland. Due to Exile or immigration rarely was their work and contributions acknowledged or understood by their own compatriots back home during their own lifetime. The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM® ever since its inception, and partly to repair this injustice but also more importantly because of the rising interest ad renewal that its initiative has created in the International community and particularly the Persian and Hungarian Arts World, took upon itself to recognize and reward such priceless contributions.

Historical and Cultural Interactions between Hungary and Persia are deeply rooted such as the Persian State Visit of Qajar King Muzzaferedin Shah greeted by Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph on way to assist the Marriage and later coronation of King
Károly IV and Queen Zita the last Reigning Monarchs of Hungary ( December 1916) 

Should it be reminded Hungary has been home to such greats as  Composers Franz Liszt (1818-1886) and  Frederick Martin (Fritz) Reine(1888-1963). The contributions of Hungarian expats to British and Hollywood movie industry is immense and impossible to mention them all in one article. To name a few:  Hollywood Director Manó Kertész better known as Michael Curtiz (1886-1962) ( who immortalized such greats as Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, and Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland in Captain Blood or The Adventures of Robin Hood), and Alexander and Zoltan Korda who virtually created and uplifted the British Film Industry. Lukács Pál  better known in Hollywood as Paul Lukas who played in several noticeable films in Budapest before immigrating to the US and become a noticed and familiar face in many films of the 30's and 40's. The handsome Bernard Schwartz who is no other than the the international Legendary Star Tony Curtis ( Some Like it Hot, The Son of Ali Baba ) to have shared the screen with such Stars as Cary Grant, Marylin Monroe, Jack Lemon and who was an immensely appreciated Star in Persia which he visited and greeted several times by Persian Diva Googoosh. Peter Lorre (László Löwenstein) whose enigmatic face has haunted all movie buffs in such classic films as Casablanca or the Maltese Falcon. The Silver Screen's most famous Tarzan Janos Weissmuller known as Johnny Weissmuller born in Timisoara when it part of the Austro Hungarian Empire. Zsa Zsa Gabor is not only a Star but an institution in Hollywood for her beauty and noticed feature films. Actor/Bodybuilder Miklós Hargitay became known as husband of actress Jane Mansfield under the name of Mickey Hargitay and whose daughter Mariska (Ma-rish-ka) Magdolina Hargitay is one of the promising Hollywood talents today.


Yasmina Reza is born to a Persian Father and a Hungarian violinist. Her father, who came to France at age three  (with his Iranian parents who were  diplomats residing in Russia) to escape the Russian revolution, was to become a successful businessman. Reza's family often took idyllic vacations in Switzerland. They also shared a passion for the arts. Reza took theatre studies in school at Nanterre, and then began in theatre as an actress. She began to use her time outside of rehearsing and performing to write for the stage. Her first play, "Conversations after a Burial," won a Moliere Award (the highest French theatre award). Her second, "Winter Crossing," won a second Moliere. Her third was "Art," which became an international phenomenon. She is admired by such Theater greats as French Fabrice Luchini and Laurent Terzieff, British Albert Finney but also Hollywood stars like Sean Connery and Al Pacino who hope to adapt Art to the screen. 

Tribute to the Past and an Eye on the Future
©photocomposition Darius KADIVAR

Many composers of the late nineteeth and early twentieth centuries used the folk music of their native countries as a source of inspiration for their compositions. The DULCIMER in 13th century Persia and became known in Hungary in the 16th century. The instrument is used to make dance music together with a violin and clarinet. The small cymbalom without pedals was made by craftsmen for gypsy musicians. It was replaced by the large cymbalom which had four legs and pedals( Both cymbaloms are trapezoid shaped and their dimensions are 80 x 60 x 40 cm and 140 x 95 x 74 cm respectively.) The sound-box is made of pine, the wrest plank of maple wood. The metal strings are played on with 35 cm long carved sticks. The curved tips are bare or wrapped with cotton for a different sound. The pedal-cymbalom was designed by Jozsef V. Schunda music instrument manufacturer of Budapest in the 1870-s.Our last year's Awardee Maestro  Muhammad Heidari is one of the great masters of this insturment studied by such Hungarian greats as  Béla Bartok or Zoltán Kodály. In turn Persian Music Talents such as Reza Vali who is using Persian folk songs as a basis for composing Western classical music has expressed that the works of  Bartok and Kodály were at the source of his own work and research.

Interestingly Conductor Miklos Rozsa's (1907-1995) music scores are amongst the most celebrated in theMotion Screen History in such Great Epics  as Ben-Hur or Quo Vadis. Interestingly Hungarian Rozsa shares a posthumous cultural heritage with Persian Music Maestro André Aminollah Hossein (1906-1983) for the latter's music compositions such as Symphonie des Sables, Sherazad and Persian Miniatures will be illustrating the grandiose Spectacle Ben Hur: Plus Grand que la Légende this Summer at the Stade de France in Paris directed by his son actor/Director Robert Hossein. A special Tribute will be given to the Great Aminollah Hossein during the 2nd Persian Golden Lioness Awards® this October. The great music master's  work have been a continued inspiration to many great composers today such as Music Maestro Alexander ( Ali ) Rahbari also awarded as best Conductor this year.


Tribute to the Past and an Eye on the Future ©photocomposition Darius KADIVAR

The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM® is proud to have initiated such a dialogue amongst Persian and Hungarian Artists. With such prestigious members as Sattar, Mrs. Homa Afshar, Mahasti, Akbar Golpayegani, Hooshmand Aghili, Faramarz Aslani, Shakila, Masoud Assadolahi,  Monireh Maleki, Niloofar Beyzaie and their Hungarian collegues to name a few Professor Sandor Falvai, Geza Bodolay, Prof. Laszlo Szekely, Prof. Peter Erdei.


In their mutual press conference the Hungarian and Persian partners expressed their common vision and collaboration in the following terms :

Mr Zsolt Bukovinszky Director of KTV:

"Cooperation of KTV and IFSI is for sure a big step toward development of our both organizations. Out of this cooperation not only KTV and IFSI will be promoted but also culturally and educationally our viewers will get benefit and develop. It is a pleasure to be part of educational development of our city in cooperation with an international center like IFSI"

Dr. Marjan Abdi:

"It is very delighting to be partner of an honorable media organization like KTV. IFSI will have the pleasure of providing education to KTV's staff and soon in cooperation with KTV international education will be provided to the public. It is also nice to have KTV as our partner in our forthcoming cultural event"

Prof. M. Dorbayani:

" Our co-operations with KTV will be in there areas:  1st Providing education to KTV organisation in exchange for PR and Adverts 2nd Co-operation on Tele-education. Soon KTV and IFSI will provide distance learning international education through TV and students will get the opportunity to have education anywhere they and get a recognised qualification. And 3rd We are organising an international annual awards in name of Persian Golden Lioness Awards which is similar to Oscars and KTV as our media sponsor partner will cover the ceremony. Our last year Awarding ceremony was between the two countries of Hungary and Persia, but in this year we will be hosting 6 nationalities including the Hungarian Artists and Musicians such as the NOX band, Princess and Ms. Eva Marton the Soprano" 



The Founders of the The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM® have officially announced the CREDO of their Cultural Organization as follows:




"We believe our first responsibility is to serve human beings to develop, to assist

the expansion of human horizons, and to facilitate mankind to grow bigger and

richer through educational and cultural endeavor.

Every world-class Artist, Scholar, and Journalist must be considered as an

individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. We must

highlight their excellence and reward them for their attainments and the

differences they make in the world.

We must celebrate their success and strive to encourage the younger

generations to follow the path that once greater men and women before them

walked through.

We must as well emulate those Artistic organizations, Academic Centers, Media

and Networks who assist and share the same vision with compassion, honor,

and dignity.

Our Awardees and Celebrities must be among those who are dedicated

professionals, use their professions for the purpose of good, have principles and

respect in human values. They must have qualities to be a symbol in their field, a

leading character to look up to, and socially live a healthy life.

We must select our laureates far from any discrimination. They must be

nominated, studied, selected, and awarded fairly and professionally. Our panel

of selecting committee or moderators must be appointed from outstanding people

with practical experience as well as higher academic education, and international

insights into every related awarding category.

We must apply leadership and provide competent management to run our

organization, and their action must be just and ethical. We must maintain in good

order the property we are privileged to use and protect our resources. We must

help our patrons and sponsor businesses grow, and our suppliers and affiliates

make a fair profit.

While we have our organizational policy and principles to maintain, we shall not

engage in any political activities. We shall remain an international cultural

awarding body where people from different culture around the world could gather

in peace and through establishment of dialog increase mutual understandings

and tolerance.

Therefore, with respect to the above our motto shall read:

'A tribute to the past and an eye on the future' "




The 2nd Annual Persian Golden Lioness Awards® will be held in Budapest in October of 2006. Hungary and its beautiful, cultural and historical capital Budapest is not only the host city for the Awards but also one of the Award winning nations being honored and participating in all categories of our academy. WAALM ® will give full accommodation to the Awardees for their three-day stay visit that will include a tour of the city's highlights and will culminate by the Awards Ceremony. The latter will be covered by our academy's Media Partner KTV® a major broadcasting Hungarian company that will showcase the event to more than 300 000 Viewers.




© Photocomposition Darius KADIVAR


Author's Notes:


 (*) The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media- WAALM® is an extension and awarding body of the International Further Studies Institute-IFSI® .


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About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, Columnist of the OCPC Magazine. He operates as Paris based PR & Press for
WAALM® 2nd annual Awards 2006.

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