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An Open Letter to Kofi Annan

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich



“If any man seeks for greatness, let him forget greatness and ask for truth, and he will find both”.    Horace Mann



Sir, it appears that you do not seek the truth, else you would have reached not only greatness, but maintained the dignity that so becomes your stature and your office.  The credibility and role of the United Nations has been seriously compromised. 


While the UN Security Council under your secretariarship occupies itself on a march towards the destruction of a sovereign nation, Iran, and while the IAEA is permitted to be used as a political tool of the United States and her co-conspirators, the UN is turning a blind eye to the illegal war and occupation of the United States, and the occupations, war, and genocide being committed by Israel continue without resistance from this body of governments.


The Lebanese government has called on the UN for support to stop the relentless attack of the Israelis, but while the reflection of fear is captured in a pool of blood shed by innocent civilian lives,  you Sir, are examining Iran’s ‘dossier’ instead of tending to the UN mission: "facilitating co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, and social equity.".  


Added to this injustice is that Iran and Syria are made responsible for the conflict, taking away from the murderous guilt of the perpetrators, obscuring the UN further into a maze of misconceptions about Iran’s intentions with regards to its nuclear program so that Israel may continue its two-front war, and America can continue its indignation of Iraqis after it invaded that nation.  All the pundits who are pointing accusing fingers at Iran should know that Iran would never bring harm to the Palestinians and the Lebanese people for they know that Israel is indeed ruthless.


If indeed nuclear program has become the only concern and the cornerstone of the United Nations reason for being, then it begs the question why it neglected to bring the Saudi factor to the forefront of its investigation, especially in light of the fact that contrary to Iran, Saudi Arabia was engaged in bomb-making, or contributed handsomely to its manufacture.


Mr. Annan, according to documents released from the British National Archives  under the 30 year rule (dated December 12, 1973 and marked 'UK Eyes Alpha', it was revealed that after the 1973 " [that] British intelligence believed the United States was ready to take military action," i.e. invade, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait 1973 "to prevent further disruption to oil supplies" and "to secure control of their oil fields." (


The jittery Saudis offered to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq’s Osirak-reactor,  destructed by Israel in 1981 (funds that helped Saddam in the Iraq-Iran war, no doubt).  As late as 1985 Iraqi and Saudi military and nuclear experts were co-operating closely, which included sending Saudi nuclear scientists to Baghdad for months of training.


Between 1985 and 1990, up to the time Saddam invaded Kuwait, the payments were made on condition that some of the bombs be transferred to the Saudi arsenal. Khilewi cache included transcripts of a secret desert meeting between Saudi and Iraqi military teams a year before the invasion of Kuwait. The transcripts depicts the Saudis funding the nuclear program and handing over specialized equipment that Iraq could not have obtained elsewhere.  


What Khilewi did not know was that the Fahd-Saddam nuclear project was also a closely held secret in Washington. According to a former high-ranking American diplomat, the CIA was fully apprised. The funding stopped only at the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1991. The defector's documents also showed that Riyadh had paid for Pakistan's bomb project and signed a pact that if Saudi Arabia were attacked with nuclear weapons, Pakistan would respond against the aggressor with its own nuclear arsenal.


The fact that the CIA was aware of this, could explain why Muhammad Khilewi, the second-in-command of the Saudi mission to the United Nations, was not granted federal protection when he abandoned his UN post and became an opponent in late June 1994   even though he had brought with him more than 10,000 documents he obtained from the Saudi Arabian Embassy.[1]


Sir,  I must ask why this has never been investigated.  I know that the IAEA has always been quick to react on any information received from Iranian “dissidents”, yet Saudi Arabia is off the chart.  Are Iranians dissidents, classified as terrorists, more credible than the CIA?  I am speechless as to why the world is ready to condemn Iran, yet given that the majority of the 9/11 terrorist have been Saudi citizens, the IAEA has not even ventured into investigating the Saudi research facility for a possible breach of the NPT.


Mr. Annan, could the answer lie in the fact that the US, discovering the Saudi plan, and never wishing to lose the prize, for as an American official had said earlier, "The oil in this region is the greatest single prize in all history.",  made a bargain with the Saudis that in return for not taking formal action, or attacking Saudi Arabia, they wished to have a permanent military base in Saudi Arabia?  As  George H.W. Bush would tell King Fahd bin Abd al-Aziz on August 4, 1990, just hours after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, "[t]he security of Saudi Arabia is vital—basically fundamental—to U.S. interests and really to the interests of the Western world."  And so it was that while the United Nations looked the other way, Saudi Arabia was captured.[2] 

Was it not a curious thing that Saddam Hossein’s last meeting with April Glaspie, the US Ambassador to Iraq, was a meeting that left so many ambiguities, that contrary to protocol, she was alone and Saddam Hossein was left with the impression that he could attack Kuwait?[3] 

History is odd.

Sadly, Mr. Annan, the innocent Americans paid a heavy price for their cheap oil.   They could not escape the revenge of the terrorists rising out of the ashes of what was left of their national pride.  One must wonder whether it was guilt that has made the Administration release the Saudis from Gitmo or the Kingdom’s request after having surrendered all else to America  

Your Excellency, we are all moved by others’ stress, but few are in a position to relieve it.  You have been put in that position; if you would only search for the truth and let principles and dignity be your guide.   Although America has in the past dictated her terms to the United Nations, please do not lose track of the term ‘united’ and ‘justice’ .  Look to the future for guidance.  In short Sir, if you are not able to defend the integrity of the United Nations, at the very least, defend your own integrity and step down.  This way, you will at least leave behind a legacy of honesty and the world will finally learn the truth through your resignation. 

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