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Great Satan and Small Satan: Which is which?

By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


I never liked Khomeini's doctrine; in fact, I have an aversion to all religions.  Admittedly, given that I went to a Catholic school for a few years, I have a propensity towards Christianity-however, Khomeini was right on the mark when he called America the 'Great Satan'.  Did he ever call Israel the Small Satan?  I still have not figured out which is the great and which is the small.


It would seem that these two have taken it upon themselves to invade the Middle East and massacre hundreds of thousands in the process while the world looks on.  What is even more disturbing is that we have been mesmerized into thinking that their action is justified; that the innocent people fighting for the rights, their land, and their personal sovereignty and dignity, are terrorists; whereas these two nations committing crimes against humanity are defending their inalienable right to might and oppression! 


Adding insult to injury, the great/small of the two, holds court in Washington to effect regime change and determine the future of the Iranians while the other in a brilliantly orchestrated move, expands the conflict in the Middle East to give cause to attack Iran. 


A string of traitors kowtow in Washington and bow to the will of the administration, each offering a more attractive incentive for being selected as a puppet, submitting Iran's autonomy in exchange for a chance to walk on a red carpet to Tehran - God forbid that this red carpet should be a pool of innocent blood spilt by American and/or Israeli bombs.  


It is reported that 30 academics and activists have been consulted by two senior Bush administration officials to discuss Iran's future! [i].  While Iran is struggling to defend her rights, the White House has at its command so many Iranians shamelessly betraying their roots, the womb of their origin, to an administration that does not recognize international law, human rights, or sovereignty.  Is it any wonder that we, as a nation, are not respected?  


When send Reza Pahlavi goes to the White House to reclaim something that was taken away from his father and him by extension, by the will of the people, how can the world at large respect Iran? Monarchists who support this brazen behavior so that they may regain inordinate privileges and abuse of power must also be mindful that their actions, along with that of Reza Pahlavi and others, are what has made Iran lose dignity far more than that of the IRI.  Theirs is not a fight for Iran or else they would not be groveling to the US for a ticket home.  Is that not what the Shah did? Millions of people paid the price of that ticket, and the 1979 revolution was the final outcome.


There is no need to say much about the Mojahedeen (MEK) -  Their treachery is an open book.  In fact their hallmark is betrayal.  America may have forgiven them, but I wonder if Iranians can ever forgive them for the lives they took when they sided with the enemy?  They have not stopped siding with the enemy since.


The answer to Iran's problem is not in Washington, Tel-Aviv, or London but in Iran.  Iranians should decide at this crucial juncture whether they will unite in betraying their motherland, or whether they will stand united and resist outside interference.  Iran's problems, whatever they may be, demand an internal solution.



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