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Inconvenient Facts

By Daniel M Pourkesali, Virginia

Western media’s suppression and distortion of inconvenient facts about Israel continues to rob their population from any impartial, accurate, and in-depth analysis of international events. So it was not surprising to hear an imbalanced and one-sided coverage in an interview with the Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni on BBC today during which he repeatedly asserted Israel’s right to defend itself in order to force Lebanon and the Hezbollah into compliance with UN resolutions 425 and 1559.

Mr. Livni and Israel’s sudden apparent respect for UN resolutions not only rings hollow and specious but it is outright a joke as Israel retains the title as the single state with most violations of every International Law and moral standards on the book.

Israel has continued to defy countless UN resolutions pertaining to its policies and military tactics in the past 40 years. It has been the subject of 138 Security Council resolutions between the period 1967 and 2000 which mostly demand that it comply with the basic principles of international law incarnated by the UN Charter. Ironically many, such as Resolution 162, urge Israel to comply with UN decisions and previous resolutions that it has ignored and continues to ignore to this day.

Israel’s actions in the past 10 days alone are in clear violation of previous Resolution 262, which condemned it for attacking Beirut airport, and Resolution 270, critical of air assault on villages as well as Resolution 450 which called on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon.

Yet the media’s complacency in allowing such assertions by Mr. Livin and other western leaders go unchallenged is abhoring. An example of such distortion came during a speech given by Mr. Bush at the G8 summit when he blamed Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on Haifa for Israel’s savage aerial bombardment of every civilian infrastructure in the entire Lebanon rather than a direct reaction to the indiscriminate killing of civilian villagers, many of them children, in southern Lebanon by US supplied Israeli weapons of mass destruction.

The propaganda continues to portray Israel as a victim under attack with support of the "terrorist states"

Syria and Iran through their surrogate military wing Hezbollah in order to prepare public opinion for yet another and much wider war of aggression in the region involving those states.

Those not familiar with the history of Hezbollah are encouraged to read the recent article by Toronto Sun reporter Eric Margolis where he states:

"In 1975, I arrived in Beirut on the first day of Lebanon's 15-year civil war. I accompanied the Israeli Army when it invaded Lebanon in 1982 and was in Nabatiyah when Israeli armored forces shot their way through a Shia religious procession. This notorious event enflamed Lebanon's Shia against the Israelis and led to the birth of Hezbollah. Hezbollah's tough fighters trained and armed by Iran and Syria, eventually drove Israeli occupation forces from Lebanon by 2000, becoming the only Arab military force to ever defeat Israel, shattering the myth of Israeli military invincibility. Israel vowed revenge on Hezbollah. Few Americans know Osama bin Laden cited the 9/11 attacks as payback for Israel's 1982 bombardment and siege of Beirut that killed up to 18,000 Lebanese and Palestinians and left the city shattered. Hezbollah is no mere cat's paw of Syria and Iran, but a fiercely independent-minded movement that is Lebanon's dominant political and military force. Though backed by Tehran and Damascus, Hezbollah pursues its own local interests, sometimes in opposition to its allies."

Facts are that Hezbollah was created as a direct result of Israel’s aggression against Lebanon in 1982 and Hamas gained power because of the atrocities Palestinians have suffered at the hand of Israelis for the past 50 years. Until that honest detail is communicated to and acknowledged by the rest of the world there is little hope for honest brokering by the UN or an end to this vicious cycle of violence.

About the author: Daniel M Pourkesali is member of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran working to promote dialogue and peace.

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