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Pride and Prejudice - ABC Style!

By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


I am completely spent.  Although I am drained both physically and emotionally, every time I think about today’s soccer game between Iran and Mexico, a host of emotions hit me so forcefully that it is hard to know which I should deal with first.



As the team made its way on the field, I felt my blood rush through my veins, and my heart burst with pride and joy.  How was it possible to love Iran so much that the sight of its football players could make me scream?  As they came on the field in tune to my chants of “Iran, Iran”, I felt warm tears roll down my cheeks.   My dog cocked his head to one side and looked at me, his surprise matching my own.  This was the first soccer game I was settling down to watch –  I gave way to my emotions.  


I lost control of myself as I watched my team play, every move a source of delight.  It did not matter whether they scored a goal or not.   The important issue was that in spite of the prejudice, bigotry, stress and hatred; they walked in, proud Iranians, to fight the odds against them.  They were not playing a match against Mexico; they were facing the contempt of the world.  And the world’s disdain came through loud and clear in the constant bigotry of the ABC commentator.


At first, I thought that during a momentary lapse of consciousness, I had switched to Fox News Channel.  Assuring myself that I was indeed watching ABC’s coverage of the Iran-Mexico soccer game only added to my complete astonishment as to why the commentator was making such inappropriate political statements and references to Iran’s President and the controversies surrounding his statements.   Why was he making deliberate remarks to bring in the hatred from outside and broadcast it around the world? 


I wonder if his shameful behavior was a reflection of his bias and bigoted mindset, or if tomorrow’s coverage of the US-Czechoslovakia game will be another opportunity for him to be ‘political’ and pipe out the disturbing US behavior not only in Iraq where the marines massacred civilians (how quickly we forget the use of chemical weapons in Fallujah!), but its human rights abuses at Abu-Gharib and Guantanamo, where at the eve of the world cup, has come to light that another three prisoners have taken their own lives – in spite of being watched round the clock! 


 Indeed, if we want to air dirty laundry in public, it would be hard to upstage America.  Though we hear little about Israel, which seems to be the core of the problem and why Iran seems to be the target of so much hatred these days.  The tragedy of Iranians, though, is the exiles who choose to betray Iran.  These traitors have no concept of the notion that they bring shame to themselves by disheartening a team that represents Iran.  What shoddy personalities they must represent to the world! Their protest is a reflection of their solidarity with Iran’s enemies, and the sordid color of betrayal.  Standing outside Nuremberg, they thought they would give heart to Iran’s adversaries, or those who promote Israel’s interests such as Mrs Knobloch, elected leader of Germany's Central Council of Jews, the neo-cons who want to attack Iran, etc. .... 


And the team in red who shouldered the responsibility of representing 70 million people in Iran, including the traitors in exile, had so many enemies to fight.  Its easiest rival was the Mexican team.  That was a friendly game.  The rest, those were the punches that kept coming…


I am so indebted to Iran’s National Football team.  It had been a long time since I had felt this much joy and pride.  I have lost patience with Iranians who are lingering at every corner waiting to sell out their country.   And I am frustrated with Fox-like commentators who bring down my country at every opportunity.  Iranians should show solidarity and boycott ABC’s world soccer coverage after they write and protest today’s coverage of the game.  We must reclaim our heritage, not just with words, but with action, every step of the way…



... Payvand News - 6/12/06 ... --

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