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Mahallat's Hot Springs

6/28/06 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

One thing Mahallat is famous for is its hot springs, which with the presence of minerals makes it very good for your aches and pains. I read on the net that the springs there are compared with spas in the Netherlands. However, the standard of hygiene and even the quality of service, despite all the investment that was put there about 20 years ago, leaves a lot to be desired.

When we went there, the main hotel and its spa was closed, but many smaller enterprises will rent a private bath and a room to you and your family to enjoy the hot spring, which is tunneled directly from the mountains, for a whole day for a few dollars.

There was in another place a swimming pool. The one that was open on the day we went was for men only but they let me go in as there was nobody there on that morning. There was a pool for ladies too but it was closed! We were told that during the weekends and at other holidays the place is very busy. The state of both places that we visited and the people that ran them left a great deal to be desired.

I do hope that someone takes matters in hand and really does something about the pathetic state of these places of wellness, so that more people can enjoy the benefit of this wonderful natural gift. Please remember that if you suffer from any heart problem then hot springs may not be the best thing for you. I have a few pictures to share with you.

If you would like a list of places to see when you go there please check this site for good information you could find it at:

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