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Traces of Prehistoric Civilization Discovered in Shahrud


Tehran, 2 March 2006 (CHN) -- Discovery of an 8000-year-old oven in Shahrud, a city in Semnan Province, revealed some evidence regarding the lifestyle of the people who lived in Shahrud Plain around 6000 BC. This discovery raised new questions about the method of life and crafts of the inhabitants of the region during the Neolithic epoch and before.

Soundings and stratigraphy works during the first season of excavations in Deh Kheir area, the area in which the oven was discovered, led to the discovery of some other heating systems in this pre-historical site. A similar oven has also been found during the second season of excavations.

"Discovery of these heating systems has helped in understanding the historical identification of these heating elements and the lifestyle and crafts of the people who lived in Shahrud Plain 8000 years ago," said Hassan Rezvani, head of excavation team in Deh Kheir historical site.

"In addition to crafts workshops and ovens, some clays and evidence of settlements were also found during the excavations which have increased the hope for finding more architectural remains in this area. A pile of burnt soil was found in the western part of the oven which has strengthened the possibility of the existence of pottery workshops in this area," added Rezvani.

According to this archeologist, the most important characteristic of these ovens is their lids which are built in such a way to allow air circulation in these ovens. He also expressed hope to find more ancient architectural evidence and ovens in the lower layers of the area.

The pre-historical site of Deh Kheir is located in Shahrud Plain, 15 kilometers from the city of Shahrud and near Deh Kheir Village. Archeological excavations in different parts of Shahrud Plain reveal the existence of life in this area during 7-5 millennium BC.

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