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Costs of US attack on Iran enormous, says Gary Sick


New York, March 5, IRNA-Former US National Security Advisor Gary Sick said in New York on Saturday that any US or Israel military attack on Iran is a blatant mistake and they will incur heavy costs. "Moreover such an attack on Iran is also impossible," he added.

Sick who was a member of US National Security Committee during presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan and is currently a professor at the Columbia University's Department of International Affairs said that any attack on Iran will have the opposite effects and the perpetrators will bear heavy costs.

Alluding to the recent threats by Israel and US against Iran, he added "contrary to the publicity propagated by the US and Israel they will not launch a military strike against Iran."

Also, a point to be borne in mind is that Israel cannot attack Iran unless it is with the US' consent. "In other words any Israel military attack on Iran is like a US strike on the country," he underscored.

Sick who is the author of two books on US-Iran policies said that even the US and Israeli leaders are aware of adverse consequences of any attack.

As the US attack on Iraq galvanized the Iraqis and garnered the people's support for their government, any attack on Iran will have similar outcome, he added.

Attacking Iran will destabilize the Middle East. The aim of threats by the US and Israel is more to start a dialogue, Sick underlined.

He said in case of attack on Iran the whole Middle East will be engulfed with anti-American demonstration. Hizbollah and probably Hamas will attack Israel and US interests, Sick stated.

The Iraqi government will not cooperate with the US and southern Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will witness crisis and demonstrations.

In related news and on the possible dangers of US interference in the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi said on Saturday that by interfering with the talks on Iran's uranium enrichment, the US intends to disrupt the regional peace.

According to Qatari press, speaking to reporters in Doha, he added that the US, which had suggested establishment of 23 nuclear reactors in Iran in 1974, is now doing its best to deprive the country of its right to access nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the supervision of the UN unclear watchdog.

As President Ahmadinejad's special envoy in the region, Mostafavi stressed Iran's commitment to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and peaceful use of nuclear energy.

"According to the remarks of IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, the agency has no documents to prove that Iran's nuclear program violates NPT.

"All nuclear activities in Iran are supervised by the IAEA and the inspectors of the agency constantly inspect our nuclear facilities," he added.

Stressing that economic sanctions against Iran will inflict irreparable damage on the entire world, he expressed his belief that no country will break its economic ties with Iran.

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