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Seven Iranian IT firms to attend CeBIT 2006 in Hanover


Berlin, March 6, IRNA-Seven Iranian companies will be taking part in the world's largest IT and communications trade fair, CeBIT, due to run from March 9 through 15 in the northeastern German city of Hanover.

Iranian firms at the CeBIT are Sanaray Software Export Research and Development Company, Data Process Company, Elmosanat, Ideagostar, Pishgamsoft, Iran Rayaneh Engineering Co (IRECO), and Etelaresani Payvand Dadeha (EPD).

A total of 6,262 firms from 70 countries will display their products at the fair of which 3,305 are foreign exhibitors.

Taiwan leads the list of foreign companies at the IT fair with 711 followed by the People's Republic of China with 412, South Korea with 222 and the US with 198.

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