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Good, Great and Fantastic Restaurants in Tehran: Monsoon

3/13/06 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

It is customary to go to parties at peoples homes here, but several times just for a change recently, we went to some of Tehran's best restaurants. In this short piece I shall introduce you to one of them so when you are here next time you might like to try them out for yourself. Please make sure that you book your table in advance if you are taking someone important or if you are going there for a special occasion. They are often fully booked, in particular for dinner and on holidays.

Monsoon for Good Asian Cuisine

The next place we went to is an older restaurant and since it opened several years ago it remains one of my favorite places in Tehran. I love its easygoing atmosphere and I like Asian food. I like the fact that these days one can try Sushi and Hosomaki and Futomaki rolls. It is the closest thing you can get the best Japanese food here in Tehran.

I had not been there for along time and so I was quite surprised when one of the staff who opened the door to us addressed me by name. They had called an hour and half before to confirm our booking which we had made a few days before. But to me this shows good management and it truly came across as genuine. It was very busy and that was on a Tuesday night, so I hate to think how long you have to wait if you come on a weekend evening without a reservation. Yet, despite the fact that the restaurant was very busy we were all served properly, on time, nicely and politely. The manageress as well as one of the waiters came to enquire if everything was in order and if we needed anything. The lady in charge was watching to make sure all was well and that all the diners around their many tables were happy.

Many of their clients were young or (like us) young at heart. The food is very nice and quite varied so even if you go there very often you can try something new. We met some friends whom we had not seen for some time. Even the prices were quite reasonable for a restaurant of this class. Many of us had green tea, which I would have preferred in a pot rather than a teabag. The menu is only available in English, for some reason known only to the restaurant. We were all feeling quite comfortable and at ease and were sorry when the time came to leave. I hope you can try it out soon and find out for yourselves. Monsoon's address is Gandi Ave., Corner of 4th St., Gandi Shopping center # 8. Telephone numbers 88791982-88791983.

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