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Rediscovery of Hakim Omar Khayyam : The Great Persian Mathematician, Astronomer, Scientist, Philosopher, Poet and Eternal Role Model


By Ali A. Parsa

On this great occasion I could not think of a better literary gift for all than a few robaiiat of Omar Khayyam, the very great man who, some 900 years ago devised our Calendar that surpasses in accuracy that of Gregorian March 20th or Vernal equinox ushers in the Persian new year or Norouz of some 400 years ago.


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 "The fate which made Omar known to the West chiefly as a philosopher and poet rather than a scientist and mathematician robbed him of a fame which would have pleased him more, since his poetical and philosophical works were perhaps not the writings in which he took the greatest interest. But he was not the only philosopher whose scientific writings were neglected in the West. Others, both before and after him suffered the same fate."

David S. Kasir, Ph.D. Author
Algebra of Omar Khayyam
Teachers College, Columbia University


I am an avid lover of Persian literature and poetry and I have made it my mission to make them known in the Western world. I found it easier to start with Omar because he was already the most well-known in the West through translation of Edward Fitzgerald in 1800's. However the more I read Fitzgerald the more I became convinced that it constituted a travesty of Omar's character. For example, the Western world's knowledge of Omar is boiled down to "wine, women and song." This is a far cry from Omar's real character who was and still can be a role model for a healthy, happy and moderate lifestyle. Among the features of my translation are that I have used modern English and appropriate rhymes.  The verses could be called Literary Tranquilizer that educate, soothe and entertain and get the readers' mind off of the problems of our modern world...


My book "Rediscovery of Hakim Omar Khayyam : The Great Persian Mathematician, Astronomer, Scientist, Philosopher, Poet and Eternal Role Model"  is available at where you can read the book excerpts. You can also obtain it from me for $10.00-which is lower than the basic cost. The difference is my Norouz gift. If your rather get it from me please contact me at 


The following are selected robaiiat that introduces the real Omar, the great Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and poet of the eleventh century. As you read, please note how these robaiiat apply to our contemporary time and how the world is going astray for not being aware of them.


Belief in Creator 

کنه خرد... درپی اسبات تو نیست          وندیشه ...ن بجز...ناجات تو نیست

...ن ذات  تورا  بواجبی کی  دان...          داننده ذات تو   بجز ذات تو نیست


O, Lord how can I ever know,

How you created above and below.

If  I am only a ray off your glow,

How can a ray comprehend the glow


Anti- Hypocrisy

پندی ده...ت اگر ب...ن داری گوش     از بحر خدا جا ...ه تزویر ...پوش

عقبی  ه...ه ساعتی و   دنیا یکد...     از بهر د...ی ...لک ابد را ...فروش


I'll give you one advice if you lend me your ear,

Let becoming a hypocrite be your worst fear.

Be what you are and speak your conscience,

And in the eyes of the Lord you'll be dear.


ای ...فتی شهر  از  تو پرکار    تری...      با اینه...ه ...ستی زتو هشیار تری...

توخون کسان خوری و...اخون رزان     انصاف بده کدا... خونخور تری...


Hypocrites pretending to be divine,

Who secretly drink people's blood in stein.

Condemn me for I openly,

Drink a little blood of grapevine.


از روی حقیقت و نه از روی ...جاز       ...ا  لعبتکانی... و فلک   لعبت باز

یک چند دراین بساط   بازی کردی...       رفتی... بصندوق عد... یک یک باز


I say it loud and I say it clear,

We're puppets and God's a puppeteer.

He winds each of us for a while and,

Back into his magic box we disappear.


Inspiration by nature

هنگا... سپیده د... خروس سحری      دانی که چرا ه...ی کند نوحه گری

یعنی که نوشتند بر آیینه صبح       کز ع...ر شبی گذشت وتو بیخبری


At each crack of dawn when the cocks crow,

What message do they convey, I know, I know.

The are inscribing in the mirror of morning,

Your life's candles have one less to go


این کوزه چو ...ن عاشق زاری بود است       در  بند سرز لف  نگاری     بود است

وین  دسته که بر  گردن او     ...ی بینی       دستی است که بر گردن یاری بود است


This jug has been a lover like me,

Which is not very difficult to see.

The two handles around its neck,

Where hands once holding a lovely.




    گاویست در آس...ان و نا...ش پروین      گاو دگری نهفته د  ر زیر ز...ین

چش...  خردت گشا ی ای اهل یقین      زیرو زبر دو گاو ...شتی خر بین


There's a cow in the sky called Parvin,

Another beneath the earth, with the earth in-between.

Those believing in such nonsense,

Are the dumbest asses I have seen.


Respect for knowledgeable people and pursuit of happiness

با ...رد... پاک و اصل و عاقل آ...یز     وز نا اهلان هزار فرسنگ گریز

گر زهر دهد تورا  خرد...ند بنوش     ورنوش رسد زدست نا اهل بریز


Associate with the wise as much as you can,

Run away from stupid as fast as you can run.

Refuse sherbet from the stupid,

But accept poison from a wise man.


...گذار  که غصه  در کنارت   گیرد        وندوه   ...جال  روزگارت  گیرد

...گذار کتاب و لب جوی و لب کشت       زان پیش که خاک در کنارت گیرد


Don't let sadness and blues,

Dominate the lifestyle you choose.

Good book by the brook outdoors,

Try this and you've nothing to lose.


Accepting death

آن ...رد  نی...  کز  عد......     بی...    آید        وان نی... ...را خوشتر از این نی... آید

این یکدو نفس در تن ...ن عاریتیست       تسلی...  کن...  چو   وقت    تسلی... آید


I'm by no means scared of death,

Willingly depart when the good Lord saith.

I will surrender my belongings which are,

My body, soul and a temporary breath.


Anti Greed, consumerism and over-indulgence

...ن باده خور... ولیک  ...ستی  نکن...       الا  بقدح  درا ز دستی    نکن...

دانی غرض... ز ...ی پرستی چه بود      تا ه...چوتوخویشتن پرستی نکن...


I drink in moderation and with class,

Make no passes except at the wine glass.

I drink to loosen up and be myself,

So I do not behave like an arrogant ass.


چند از پی حرص و آز تن فرسوده      ای دوست روی گرد جهان بیهوده

رفتی...  و  روندو  هرکه  آ ... د برود      یکد...    ب...راد   خویشتن   نابوده


Ignore your wants, only address your needs,

Desires are cancerous and grow like weeds.

If you are unable to harness your wants,

You are a slave and no longer freed


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