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Israel's Unbridled Might versus Iran's Inalienable Right

By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


In an article in support of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee),  Mitchell Geoffrey Bard [1] claims “[T]hat the Israeli lobby is unable to affect major foreign policy decision and is actually capable of influencing only a narrow range of policies that benefit Israel.”.


Undoubtedly what is beneficial to Israel is detrimental to most, if not all, Middle-Eastern countries, Iran in particular.


Bard states that Jews in America have devoted themselves to politics with a religious fervor.  With a population of under six million  (3%) of total population, 89 % live in twelve key electoral college states.   These states alone have enough electoral votes to elect the president.   Add to this the non-Jews who are pro-Israel per opinion polls, and it is clear that Israel dominates US politics.

Further, the campaign contribution of the Jews is a vital means of influence.  The Jewish lobby spent $2.68 million in 1991 versus $30,000 spent by the Arabs, funds that grow  with their demands.  Here, it is worthwhile to recalling the words of the assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who claimed in his book that the Israeli government was, in fact responsible for the design of American policy in the Middle East after the 1967 'Six Day War'.

However, Israel’s power stretches beyond the Middle East into Africa and S.E. Asia.  It is as unrestrained as it is unfathomable.  Not only has Israel armed itself with atomic bombs, but in a show of defiance, it has been at the forefront of nuclear proliferation for decades.


Israel’s lucrative trade in nuclear weapons starting with the Apartheid Regime was left unchecked, even when it helped with the testing of their nuclear weapons.  This common knowledge fact was completely absorbed without reprimand by the United Nations responsible watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  Needless to say that America did not raise an eyebrow. 


Having lost S. Africa as a trading partner in the nuclear arms business, Tel-Aviv turned its attention to India. By the year 2000, Israel’s nuclear commerce with India reportedly reached $500 million per year[i] .  Proliferation was not an issue of concern even when Pakistan felt fearful of its old enemy acquiring uranium from Israel.  A deadly arms race was inconsequential if it benefited Israel.

Equally worrying for India's neighbors and rivals, Delhi recently announced it would begin work on developing a theater anti-missile system aimed at countering Pakistan's and China's tactical missiles. India is said to be discussing the purchase of part or all of Israel's new “Arrow” anti-missile system.  Although the Arrow system's development is supposed to be jointly funded by the United States and Israel, the United States has provided Israel with more than $1 billion in grants for research and development of the Arrow through the defense budget. President Bush requested $60 million for the Arrow for FY2003. The 2004 budget also includes a request for $136 million for the Arrow, of which $66 million is for an improvement program and $70 million for production [ii].   Israel, of course, simply sells the technology for profit.  We must be reminded that while Israel makes a tidy profit, US tax payers are left with shelter, Hurricane Katrina victims are evacuated from their temporary homes for lack of funding, and our Congress is ready to pass a bill denying basic screening for preventative cancer, such as mammograms.

Furthermore, the international community and its representative body, the United Nations and the IAEA were unconcerned when Germany sold three Dolphin-class submarines capable of launching conventional and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to Israel who in an act of aggression, was patrolling Iran’s waterways (and Pakistan’s) with nuclear-armed submarines.  Their silence spoke to their approval, though it never offered an explanation for Israel’s might to impose its will on the world by violating its rules.


Not content with breaking every conceivable international law and dominating the world arena, Israel is ferociously attacking the country that will not bend to its will – Iran.  What is alarming, but not surprising, is that like a giant octopus, it is using all its deadly tentacles to destroy Iran. 


Israel’s powerful lobby group has been hard at work in Washington to sanction and attack Iran for some time now, but it is now recruiting and coaching impressionable minds to do its heartless bidding.  College and university campuses, the new ‘Madrasas’ of the zealot  AIPAC indoctrination, are no longer safe from the eerie march of war drums. 


It is no secret that the obnoxious Daniel Pipes had set up shop in all universities to report professors unsympathetic to Israel.  It is reported that in our ‘democratic society’ some universities even offered students $100 for reporting such professors.  However, fortunately for the future of freedom lovers worldwide, there are those who dignify academic freedom and uphold their principles and resist the bondage of intimidation.  Finding less resistance among the students, the Israeli lobby tirelessly pursues the vulnerable youth.


AIPAC shamelessly lobbies on college campuses to recruit anti-Iran students,  An army of students who will drive home the message to Congress and drag us into another war in the Middle East to benefit Israel. One such university is Cornell with recruiting tactics to amass an army of pro-Israel students in order to pass a resolution against Iran – Cornell Resolution 29 .


Brandeis and Harvard are others.  Israel’s war continues.  Israel’s wars never end..   


There are many theories as to why Israel seeks Iran’s destruction.  Some hold that Israel seeks her own continued survival by balkanizing the Middle East, Iran in particular.  Other theories explain Israel’s expansionist desires as a reason for its antagonism.  It may well be both.  Or it may be that Israel does not wish to share its power in the region.  The threat of Iran as a rising power is too unsettling for Israel’s regional hegemonic status.   One thing is certain.  Israel cannot possibly fear Iran developing a nuclear bomb and using it against Israel as it claims.  Israel knows all too well that this would be certain suicide, and states, all states, are rational actors. 


In spite of her unpopular government, Iran has not violated the NPT.  Yet she is at the mercy of the International community even as she is negotiating within the framework of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and abiding by the laws set by a community who were once honorable and trustworthy.   Provoked by Israel, America has obediently trailed the world into a political quagmire, soon to become a human disaster of one sort or another – for one simple reason – to appease Israel’s unbridled might and to trample upon Iran’s inalienable right.


[1] The influence of ethnic groups on American Middle East policy, 1994, p.80

[i] (Yossi Melman, "India's Visiting strongman Wants to Expand Nuclear Cooperation with Israel," Ha'aretz, June 16, 2000)

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