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Persian Youth To Be Honored At The 2nd Persian Golden Lionness Awards In Budapest Hungary


Report on WAALM®’s Official Announcements by Darius KADIVAR




Again the glory of youth has cheered the garden,
Glad tidings from the rose reaches the sweet bulbul again 

O breeze! should you reach the youth in the meadows,
Convey my greeting to the cypress, the sweet basil and rose;


 -Hafiz of Shiraz



With a deeply rooted culture and civilization that spans over more than two millenniums, Persians as a community both inside and outside their motherland have greatly contributed to the Arts and intellectual emancipation of their contemporaries. Paradoxically the turmoil’s of history and exile have also enriched an introspection on ourselves as a community and on our responsibility as Artists, Writers or Intellectuals as well as citizens of our country of adoption to play a part in a dialogue of civilizations so necessary in our tormented World. It is to respond to the growing desire of not only recognition but also encouragement of Persian Artists, Writers and people of culture Worldwide as well as that of their colleagues in their new country of adoption that The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media – WAALM® took an unprecedented initiative to support, develop, and promote the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners, and benefiting the public. Thus it has created the Golden Persian Lioness Awards® which is in its second year of existence has no other ambition than to encourage and promote men and women who through their work subscribe to the humanistic values and love of beauty so dearly cherished by our great Persian poets through the ages.


The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media – WAALM®  is proud to announce that this years recipient Awardees include several young and talented writers and artists who have achieved the great task of bringing our culture as well as the great visual, literary and oral history of our Ancient Land Persia to the eyes and ears of our contemporaries and youth of the World. By Conferring to them  the Golden Persian Lioness Award® we believe that it will encourage other aspiring artists and writers to look upon these exceptional achievements with the hope and ambition of pursuing the same path towards excellence. 


The board of governors and by authority of the same on recommendation of the Academy, hereby confirm the nomination of :


Mr. Bruce Bahmani for an Award of Excellence in Literature (Comic Book) for

Rostam tales from the Shahnameh.


Mr. Bahmani Comments : The fact that this recognition comes from within the Iranian community is especially humbling. Wow! [The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media & The Persian Golden Lioness Awards,] Thanks to all of you who have supported our project, it is because of your support that they heard about the book and gave us this award. We really appreciate it!


Mr. Dustin Ellis  for an Award of Excellence in the category of Dramatic Arts ( Best Directing of Animated film), for the film Babak & Friends – A First Norooz.

Dustin Ellis, the director of this heartwarming holiday special, said : While I am honored to receive this award, the real credit should go to my team and the talented people who have brought this project together. My producers Aly Jetha, Shabnam Rezaei, and my dear wife Mastaneh Moghadam are the reason we were able to bring this film to market. With their continued commitment, we will be able to drive the mission of Norooz Productions, which is to entertain children while teaching them a little about their culture and heritage.

Mr. Howard Lee for an Award of Excellence in Literature (Best Children’s Book) for Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light.


Mr. Lee Comments: Prof. M. Dorbayani and Mrs. Marjan Abdi  I am amazed and thrilled by my nomination for this award! Thank you for forwarding the information to me. I am delighted to attend the ceremony with my Persian wife Mojgan. I am honored to have been considered.

The Hosts : Prof. M. Dorbayani, PhD and Dr. Marjan Abdi, PhD
the Founders of
The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media – WAALM®
And Directors of the International Further Studies Institute-IFSI®


The 2nd Annual Persian Golden Lioness Awards® will be held in Budapest in October of 2006. Hungary and its beautiful, cultural and historical capital Budapest is not only the host city for the Awards but also one of the Award wining nations being honored and participating in all categories of our academy. WAALM ® will give full accommodation to the Awardees for their three-day stay visit that will include a tour of the city’s highlights and will culminate by the Awards Ceremony. The latter will be covered by our academy’s Media Partner KTV® a major broadcasting Hungarian company that will showcase the event to more than 300 000 Viewers.

The Persian Golden Lioness Awards® will be conferred out in three major categories including the Arts (Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts, and Music), Literature (Novels, Short stories, Poetry, Lyrics, and Play-writing) and Media (News TVs, Radios, Websites, Magazines, Media Productions). Last year's award recipients included agencies such as Voice of America – VOA® and BBC® as well as legends such as Houshmand Aghili, Muhammad Heidari, Akbar Golpayegani,  Sattar, Behrouz Vossoughi and Masoud Assadolahi were honored.

Author’s Notes :

(*) The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media- WAALM® is an extension and awarding body of the International Further Studies Institute-IFSI® .

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About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, writer and film Editor of Namak Cultural Magazine in LA/USA. He operates as Paris based PR & Press for WAALM® 2nd annual Awards 2006.


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