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Maurice Bejart & Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam to be honoured at The 2nd Persian Golden Lionness Awards In Budapest Hungary

Report on WAALM®'s Official Announcements by Darius KADIVAR





Dishevel Thy tress; and, to mystic dancing, bring the Sufi,
That, from every patch of his ragged garment, thousands of idols, Thou mayst scatter

-Hafiz of Shiraz



With a deeply rooted culture and civilization that spans over more than two millenniums, Persians as a community both inside and outside their motherland have greatly contributed to the Arts and intellectual emancipation of their contemporaries. Paradoxically the turmoil's of history and exile have also enriched an introspection on ourselves as a community and on our responsibility as Artists, Writers or Intellectuals as well as citizens of our country of adoption to play a part in a dialogue of civilizations so necessary in our tormented World. It is to respond to the growing desire of not only recognition but also encouragement of Persian Artists, Writers and people of culture Worldwide as well as that of their colleagues in their new country of adoption that The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM® took an unprecedented initiative to support, develop, and promote the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners, and benefiting the public. Thus it has created the Golden Persian Lioness Awards® which is in its second year of existence has no other ambition than to encourage and promote men and women who through their work subscribe to the humanistic values and love of beauty so dearly cherished by our great Persian poets through the ages.



The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM®  is proud to announce that this years recipient Awardees will pay tribute to two generations of  Ballet Maestro's whose work, dedication and contribution to their Art has gained the respect of their peers.


The board of governors and by authority of the same on recommendation of the Academy, hereby confirm the nomination of :



Maurice Béjart For a Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence in Dramatic Arts Category (Dance Choreographer )




Shahrokh Meshkin Ghalam an Award of Excellence in Dramatic Arts Category (Best Ballet Dancer)





If needed to present the Great Maurice Béjart, the latter is a French choreographer who runs the Béjart Ballet He was born in Marseille  France and founded the Ballet de l' Etoile company in 1954. In 1960 he founded the Ballet du XXe Siecle in Brussels   and in 1987 moved to Lausanne   in Switzerland  where he founded Béjart Ballet. In keeping with European tradition, he emphasizes content over innovation in movement. Many of his themes are academic, cultural, or biographical in content; he has been influenced by mysticism, and East Asian influences can be detected throughout his dances. His expressionist style incorporates jazz and avant-garde music, nontraditional dance forms, e.g., acrobatics, and unusual settings. Among his works are Symphony for a Lonely Man, Mass for the Present Time, Tannhäuser, and La Flûte enchantée. His companies included many great dancers such as Jorge Donn, Daniel Lommel, Gil Roman; others, such as Paolo Bortoluzzi or Suzanne Farrell. He was also to greatly contribute to the Persian Ballet Repertoire (**) in the late 60's and 70's performing at the famous Roudaki Hall in Tehran created under the supervision of the former Empress of Iran, Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi. One of the highlights of his contributions to Iranian Ballet was the creation of two consecutive ballets during the Persepolis Celebrations of 1971. One based on the Golestan Sa'adi with Iranian musicians Nur Ali Brumand,  Nourredin RAZAVI Sarvestan & Dariush TALA'I  and another with the same musicians called Farah intribute to the Shahbanou. The latter was once again used for Béjarts 1995 ballet Scherehazad. IHis spiritual and philosophical quest has led him to the creation of a new Ballet which performed its premiere amidst standing ovation and cheers last December in Lausanne Switzerland and continues an international tour through Europe with immense success.


Entitled Zarathoustra. Le chant de la danse aka Zarathustra. the song of the dance the scarcely two-hour ballet for 50 dancers is based on works of Friedrich Nietzsche's, particularly his book "thus spoke Zarathustra". Béjart called the work the coronation of his occupation of many years with the German philosopher - the premiere public followed this opinion. When the 78 year old Béjart stepped on the stage, he was cheered by a standing ovation of approximately 2400 spectators which lasted several minutes.


In "Zarathustra" , Béjart seems to have united all constant themes of his work with topics such as  love, death and war. His work moves technically between the classical period and avant-garde. With this piece Béjart considers he has achieved his vision of "total theatre", in which language, music, dance and direction join a complete work flow together.




Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam is a graduate in History of Art and Theatre from the university of Paris, specialized in mystical dance, his work also takes root from Indian and Indonesian influences. Combining Theatrical activities as well dancing activities, in 1991 joined the prestigious French theater director Ariane Mouchkin's Théâtre du Soleil and collaborated as main actor  in productions such as "Tartuffe",  "La Ville Parjure", and "des Atrides". From 1997 onwards he worked in solo on an international scale as dancer at : Festival de Meridas, Festival d'Asturias, Festival de Chartres, Rotterdam, Rome, andThe Hague and others.


In 2000, he was invited to the Colorado Dance Festival with "The Route of Orient"  and delivered courses of Soufi dance. In 2002, the Royal Opera House of Covent Garden invited him to perform his famous "Seven pavillons of Love" based on the works of Great Persian Poet Nezami and then at the Festival of Ravello in Italy, Paris and NewYork Columbia University . And his Ballet Omar Khayyam inspired by the Quatrains has also been preformed in Paris, London, Stockholm, and NewYork. The "Mythological Danses" inspired by the three love stories (Khosrow and Shirin , Bahram and Dorsatti , Sohrab and Gordafarid)


His theatre performances such as "Twelfth Night" of Sheakspeare with the Terrain Vague Company ,  "Romeo and Juliette"  directed by Lionnel Briands. "Dionysos, the Baccantes"of Euripide directed by  Usevio Lazaro,  "Soldier Tale" of Strawinsky in theatre Athenée directed by Antoine Campo.  "Tramway named Desire" of Tenesee William directed by Phillip Adrian. "Kidnapping on the Serai" of Mozart directed by Jérome Deschamps.


 Since January 2005 he has been an official member of the "Comédie Fançaise"

(the house of Moliere) playing with major international stage directors.  Moshkin Ghalam also directed "Venus and Adonis" of Sheakspeare in Persian during the Paris Festival : Théâtre en Exil. And Pearl theatre in N.Y. "Mardha va Chiz" of Ebrahim Makki presented in Persian and French in Paris and in August 2006 in NewYork. "Kafané Siah" based on Early 20th century poet  Mirzadeyé Eshghi's poem presented in Paris during the celebration of the 100th year of the Iranian constitutional Revolution and also will be presented in August in New York.



The Hosts :
Prof. M. Dorbayani, PhD and Dr. Marjan Abdi, PhD
the Founders of
The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM®
And Directors of the International Further Studies Institute-IFSI®

The 2nd Annual Persian Golden Lioness Awards® will be held in Budapest in October of 2006. Hungary and its beautiful, cultural and historical capital Budapest is not only the host city for the Awards but also one of the Award wining nations being honored and participating in all categories of our academy. WAALM ® will give full accommodation to the Awardees for their three-day stay visit that will include a tour of the city's highlights and will culminate by the Awards Ceremony. The latter will be covered by our academy's Media Partner KTV® a major broadcasting Hungarian company that will showcase the event to more than 300 000 Viewers.

The Persian Golden Lioness Awards® will be conferred out in three major categories including the Arts (Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts, and Music), Literature (Novels, Short stories, Poetry, Lyrics, and Play-writing) and Media (News TVs, Radios, Websites, Magazines, Media Productions). Last year's award recipients included agencies such as Voice of America - VOA® and BBC® as well as legends such as Houshmand Aghili, Muhammad Heidari, Akbar Golpayegani,  Sattar, Behrouz Vossoughi and Masoud Assadolahi were honored.



 Author's Notes :

(*) The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media- WAALM® is an extension and awarding body of the International Further Studies Institute-IFSI® .

(**) Special thanks to Mr. Nima Kiann founder of Les Ballets Persans in Sweden for feedback on Béjart and the Persian Ballet Repertoire.

 Learn More about the Awards:


About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, writer and film Editor of Namak Cultural Magazine in LA/USA. He operates as Paris based PR & Press for
WAALM® 2nd annual Awards 2006.


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