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Iran's cloned sheep in good condition: official


Isfahan, Oct 1, IRNA-A cloned sheep that was born in a research center in the central city of Isfahan Saturday morning is now in good conditions, said a center official Saturday evening.

Veterinary Care

Head of the Royan Research Center in the ancient city of Isfahan, Dr Mohammad-Hossein Nasr-Esfahani told IRNA that the sheep, second cloned in Iran, was not initially in good conditions after birth by Caesarean.

However, it recovered after a while thanks to the efforts of the center's medical team and was later able to successfully drink milk.


It is now in a good condition, said the doctor.

Iran's first cloned sheep, also born in Royan center, died a few minutes after it was born in August.

Cloning is an advanced technology only possessed by developed countries, said the doctor adding that obtaining the technology would enable Iranian specialists to use it in different fields of medical treatments.

A combination of the cloning methods and the new progress made by Iranian physicians in the field of spinal injuries would enable them to increase the possibility of curing those suffering from spinal damages, Nasr-Esfahani said.

The Iranian researchers and specialists have recently made a breakthrough in medical science to cure spinal injuries with the culture of Schwann cells enabling those suffering from paralysis to move.

Named after the German physiologist Theodore Schwann, the Schwann cells are a variety of neuroglia that mainly provide myelin insulation to axons in the peripheral nervous system of jawed vertebrates.

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