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The so called "Patriot Act" is un-American!

By Ali Parsa

The Act is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of foreign-born American citizens. It contributes to the self-destruction of America as it divides this "nation of immigrants' along racial, ethnic and religious lines. Welcome to the beginning of another crusade with more widespread catastrophic outcome than ever before because this time around the war mongers possess more sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.

Fortunately not all Americans are to be blamed for this. The Act was passed because of the present make-up of the congress and a small band of extremists or neo-cons that are trying to hijack America and its ideals and hold this nation and the whole world as hostage in the name of "War on Terror." Although this doesn't seem like America, America can be America again if we if we act promptly by getting out to vote this coming November.

Behind all of this mess lie ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy of astronomic proportion that even after some two hundred years is not willing to understand what America is all about, by trying to undo its revolution and throw its ideals in the trash bins of history. These are mostly the remnants of the opposition to the American Revolution who took their assets and fled to Canada and Europe to weather that progressive event. This is the group that is doing all it can to gradually change the "government of the people, by and for the people" to "government of a few, by and for a few." In short, they are trying to take the "people" out of the "government of the people."

Thomas Jefferson in his infinite wisdom knew that a society without infusion of new blood and new ideas will become stagnant like water without stirring. He also said, "God forbid if this country goes without a revolution for twenty years," in spite of his genius he underestimated that the country could go without a big revolution for about two hundred years. The secret, as we know now, has been the constant influx of immigrants with talent, investment and determination to succeed that has kept this nation alive. It is that life-line the neo-cons want severed.

A combination of ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy, backward thinking and jealousy has been the reasons for neo-cons belief that all of America's problems are due to the influx of other nationalities into America. This plan to exclude foreign-born from the mainstream America starts with certain nationalities and in time will include all of them-very much like Adolph Hitler's failed tactics that engulfed the fires of war a world war. History is repeating for those who do not read it!

With American public voting turnout of about 140th in the world, the foreign born Americans have a golden opportunity to effect a positive change in the direction of America as they always have, if this group forms an equal and opposite force to neutralize the neo-cons influence. We must not forget that almost all great movements including the American Revolution have started by a handful of dedicated people.

Let us remember the American saying, "Only the squeaking wheel gets the grease," we can only reverse this self-destructing trend by utilizing our right to vote next month.

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