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Response to Mr. Thomas Friedman's "War On Daddy's Dime" article in NYT

By Shahriar Etemadi, Maryland


Mr. Friedman's OP-ED, in The New York Times titled "War on Daddy's Dime" appeared in the Friday August 18, 2006 edition calling Iranian people "bunch of suckers". His article convinced me of my long time belief that he is not a reputable and fair-minded journalist he once was. In his article, he went so far as to insult Iranian people as "bunch of suckers" for allegedly spending their "tax money" in South Lebanon. How about us, the taxpayers of America footing the bill for Israel's war and occupations for six decades? Aren't we--in America bunch of bigger suckers spending our tax money for aid and military hardware to an incompetent Israeli's military force? Mr. Friedman criticizes the Iranians for spending oil money to help pay for the "rent and furniture" for those displaced as the result of Israel's destruction of Lebanon. If true, the money is used for good causes--building not for destruction that we pay Israel. If we were smart, we would spend some of our aid to rebuild in South Lebanon to win the heart and mind of Moslem world. He argues that the government of Iran should spend this money on Iranians to help unemployment and other needs of its citizens. In the same breath, he criticizes the government of Iran for "subsidized housing, gasoline, interest rates, flour and rice." Excuse me? I am not sure what are you saying Sir! Are you trying to apply that either policy is wrong so whatever Iran does is wrong? For your information Mr. Friedman, oil in Iran is nationalized and supposed to be spent on needs of her citizens. Should they go back to the time of Shah, the U.S. puppet, and give away their oil to western oil companies and in turn pay the proceeds to buy weapons from the U.S to kill and suppress Iranians and play the role of regional gendarme for the U.S. Policy? Sorry, that time is over and the Iranians are not going back to that.


Let's get back to the Iranian Government's policy in the region and it's relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran has never admitted that they are contributing to Hezbollah but even if they do so, perhaps much less than other Moslem nations in the world. Iran is accused of paying Hamas too, the other "terrorists" but we know Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have pledged 180 Million dollars to Hamas in the past few months alone. The U.S. government alone is providing Israel at least three billion dollars a year in aid and billions more are going to Israel form private citizens. Europeans provide billions more in contributions to Israel. During the recent bombardment of Lebanon, U.S. was shipping weapons to Israel faster than shipping Americans out of Lebanon.  Israel is receiving unimaginable number of sophisticated weapons and technical know-how from the US and Europe to build hundreds of nuclear weapons in clear violation of the international law. Israel occupies three countries and refuses to abide by many United Nations resolutions demanding her to end the occupations. We, in America have pledged our 100% support for the Israel, the regime that United Nations just called their cluster bombing of Lebanon as "shockingly immoral."


Mr. Friedman, Iranian taxpayers are not bunch of suckers, we in America are.



Note: A shorter version of this article was sent to NYT editor for print- it was not printed.


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