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The Mayor and the President; A worldly view in Salt Lake City

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


If an idiot were to tell you the same story every day for a year,

you would end by believing it.   Horace Mann



The crowd roared as George W. Bush repeated his story: “We have to stay the course in Iraq and fight the terrorists there so that we don’t have to fight them at home.”.     Repetition begets belief.  This is President Bush’s inordinate talent; his ability to win over crowds by repeating the same message over and over – an attribute which proved itself remarkably useful during national debates –thanks to Karl Rove.  And it has sustained its advantage against the honesty and dignity of Salt Lake City’s Mayor, Rocky Anderson.


The dignified figure of Mayor Anderson attracted an enthusiastic crowd of 3 thousand or so.  His posture oozed of distinction, forthrightness, and compassion.  His concerns were not limited to America and it citizenry, but extended to all humanity.  His respect for ideas and creeds was extended to peoples within our borders and beyond; appreciating the fundamental need for individual right and autonomy.  


Even concerns for the environment were not left out from his passionate anti-war rally.  He wanted President Bush to be held accountable for lying to the public, for invading another country, to be held accountable for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.  No more lies, no more deaths, no more wars, he demanded.  What a commendable man.


If only Mayor Anderson were in the White House.


The applause was low key for Mayor Anderson – moderates usually are.  Moderates don’t need a thunderous roar to drive home logic.  Respect for others and for life does not need to be driven home with a bang and a bomb.  Not like the others….


It is the lies, the deception that misleads which requires the roar of applause, creating a mass frenzy to illusion ourselves into thinking we are right.  The loud echo of insanity must be accompanied by the roar of applause to chase out the voice of reason, the life-vest of truth, so that drowned, deception can crawl in and propagate.   It is thus that hammering home the message becomes successful – and its through this fog of ignorance that Mayor Anderson and the likes of him will have to penetrate.


In 6 years, America has lost men, its honor and its treasury.  Allies have turned their backs, their hearts and their trust from us.  Rocky Anderson represents the ‘America’ people loved.   America needs to be loved again.  Yet, Mr. Bush is about to launch us on another ‘Iraq’ tragedy.  The people roar, the same thumping roar so deafening to the sane, so mute to the insane.  The logic is drowned once again – the plan the same.


He is so confident of the complicity and passivity of the people that he even delivers the same ‘misinformation’ that was justification for the invasion of Iraq.  Just as it was reported that Saddam Hossein had bought yellow cake from Niger (later proved to be unfounded) giving Mr. Bush ammunition for attacking Iraq, information is leaking out that Iran is buying uranium from Africa; fortunately for Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney is investigating this latest development and not a conscientious and patriotic Joseph Wilson.[i] 


Mr. Bush knows that unlike the story of the boy who cried wolf too many times, he can drive home his message successfully.  It is the repetitiveness of his messages that will eventually give them authenticity.   Once the people hear them often enough, they will not question their veracity.  He is beating the drums – another war – WMD.  Bush is taking us to war again.  More lies, more deaths.


If only the mayor were in the White House to stop the lies…



About the author: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has lived and studied in Iran, the UK, France, Australia and the US.   She obtained her Bachelors Degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and she is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Middle East Studies concentrating in Political Science.  She has done extensive research on US foreign policy towards Iran and Iran’s nuclear program.



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