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IAEA report confirms Iran nuclear activities are peaceful: Iranian official


TEHRAN, Sept. 1 (Mehr News Agency) -- Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said on Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report confirms that Iran's nuclear activities are only for civilian purposes


In an interview with the CNN news network Soltanieh said that the report is "just a well established document to prove Iran's assertion that all activities have been for peaceful purposes and there is no diversion of nuclear material, technology and activity for military purposes."


Here are excerpts of the interview:


Q- There are old questions about uranium enrichment that have not been answered. From the remarks from the president we are led to wonder: does your government care?


A- Very briefly I can say that the report which has been now prepared by the agency which is about 5 pages, a very short report, most part of it is repeating the past chronology. It's just a well established document to prove Iran's assertion that all activities have been for peaceful purposes exclusively and there is no diversion of nuclear material, technology and activities for military purposes. And I think that is good enough to bear in mind this fact that we have repeated again that these all activities are for peaceful purposes.


Q- And yet there are unanswered questions. There is the central demand of the IAEA and the Security Council that Iran stop enriching uranium which the report says you have not respected. In the past and up to today, your president, your government has painted it very much as a dispute between the two nations, between Iran and the United States. So may I ask you to take a moment and look to what the undersecretary of states Nick Burns had to say?


Nick Burns: We're not gonna be intimidated by anything the Iranians do and they've got understand one thing: They're fairly isolated in this issue. They have the entire Security Council, all the permanent members including Russia and China saying that they've got to cease a desist. And you have countries like India and Egypt which voted against them in the International Atomic Energy Agency. So the Iranians have to sit back and have to calculate the cost of isolation. The increased pressure that is going to come their way...


Q- Is Iran isolated?


A- Absolutely not. Please, I want to remind the American officials and the present administration to read the factual reports that 114 members of Non-Aligned Movement, it means all over the world, declared... their minister declared in Malaysia that all activities have been for peaceful purposes and supported Iran activities and they rejected these allegations. I don't understand that a few members either in the board of governors like United States or few members from Europe all Security Council were considered as international community. There is no justification.


Q- Well that is the architecture of the world right now. The UN Security Council is 15 nations. It voted 14 to 1 to support 1696 and to demand that your government stop enriching uranium. What is going to happen now? 1696 says explicitly that those countries will now consider sanctions. Do you expect that to happen?


A- I would not expect that because there is not any legal justification. International community will not be able to digest this kind of actions. Of course United Nations Security Council should not and unfortunately have been instrumentally used against another country which is minded according to the statue of the IAEA and NPT for peaceful activities. This demand for suspension has no legal basis. You can not find anywhere in the statue of the IAEA or NPT that enrichment is violation of the spirit of ... the legal documents. Therefore there is no justification. We have not found any justification.


Q- The justification Sir, I don't need to tell you, is fear about the stability of the region. The president of your country is suggesting that Israel should be wiped off the map; your government is accused of intervention in Lebanon, in Iraq, and governments out of the region are saying that if Iran is willing to suspend its enrichment at last temporarily, there could be talks at clearing the air, gaining confidence and allowing what you say is your sovereign right to continue unimpeded. Why don't you suspend temporarily, have those talks, and clear the air?


A- We have announced in the response to the package which had been already delivered to the 5+1 through the ambassador of Switzerland to U.S. They have to read carefully this constructive response to the proposal that Iran has spared no effort to invite everybody to the negotiating table rather than confrontation. This is a pity that when his Excellency Dr. Larijani was in Brussels and he was willing to corporately discuss all issues of concern of all parties, they unfortunately stopped this negotiation and passed the resolution at the Security Council. They have to be blamed for it. Otherwise we would be well prepared to take into consideration and thoroughly discuss all issues of concern. And therefore we are ready as Dr. Larijani has announced  to start immediately after 22nd of August, negotiation. we are ready to discus all issues of concern.



IAEA report proves U.S. charges against Iran baseless: Atomic Energy Official
TEHRAN, Sept. 1 (Mehr News Agency) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency report shows that the U.S. political propaganda against Iran's nuclear program has no basis, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Deputy Director Mohammad Saeidi said on Thursday
The UN nuclear watchdog concluded in a confidential report on Thursday that the Islamic Republic had not suspended its enrichment-related activities by an Aug. 31 deadline, as demanded by the UN Security Council's five permanent members along with Germany.


"Although the report is not totally satisfactory for us, it shows that the U.S. political propaganda against Iran's peaceful nuclear program has no foundation and is based on Washington officials' illusions," Saeidi told the Mehr News Agency.


The content of the report shows that discussing Iran's nuclear dossier at the Security Council has no legal justification, he added. "It also shows that Tehran's peaceful nuclear program is under the supervision of the IAEA."


The shortness of the report reveals that the remaining ambiguities about the Islamic Republic's nuclear issue have been greatly cleared up, he added.


To sum up, the report shows that Iran has allowed the IAEA inspectors to fully inspect nuclear installations, he said, adding that the inspectors have also installed extra cameras at Iran's enrichment sites according to the IAEA Safeguards Agreement


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