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Nuking it for peace? Seriously?

By Iranian-Canadian Peace Advocacy Committee

Calling Michael Coren's article, "We Should Nuke Iran", published in Sat Sep 2, 2006 issue of the Toronto Sun, outrageous is an understatement. The last time a nuclear bomb was used the human toll was so gargantuan that few people could conceive the idiocy of repeating the carnage. The idea is so repugnant that it is hard to believe it is advocated in the era of progressive thinking in one of the most multi-ethnic, tolerant societies on Earth.

The notion of nuking a country to prevent it from potentially obtaining nuclear capabilities is ironic and inhumane. The precautionary psuedo-argument nullifies centuries of intellectual struggle against dogma. It contributes to a decline of rational dialogue by neglecting the basic premise of scientific reasoning: evidence (that by nuking Iran you will avert "universal suffering.")

If pre-emptive military measures worked, Bin Laden would have been caught now, the Taliban controlled, Iraq a democracy, innocent Iraqi civilians wouldn't be dying daily, etc. Using military force to fight terror has proven ineffective, only resulting in shedding of innocent blood, an obvious human rights violation.

Environmentally, a nuclear fall-out can potentially reach Europe, as did the radioactive blanket from Chernobyl . Economically, even with a small-scale conventional attack on Iran oil prices would skyrocket, making Canadians pay for somebody else's adventures.

Once a war starts there will be no end in sight. Interestingly, the ideology the war was waged for will not die, but will become even stronger.

The concurrency of this publication with other media beating the drums of war is troubling. Media should promote peace, civility, and tolerance. The article propagates hate and intolerance, promoting genocidal ideas. It has crossed the line of free speech and has entered the dangerous genre of hate literature. How Michael Coren will correct the folly remains to be seen.

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