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Visiting old friends at Imamzadeh Taher

4/13/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

A few days ago I had a meeting outside Karaj in the west of Tehran, and on my way back I felt like going to say hello to many old friends and national heroes whose final resting place is in Imamzadeh Taher just outside Karaj. As I was driving in I was most impressed by so many flower pots left on many graves by loved ones. The place itself does not give you the creeps as some graveyards do.

Golnaraghi's grave

I felt my friends were there to return my greetings, some waiting for those like me to remember them.

A young man called Mahmoud from the place found me and took me to different graves that I wanted to visit and did not know where they were.


It had been a couple of years since I had been there. I know in this day and age it is not in fashion to think about the dead and dying, but if we forget our past we can not manage our present nor build our future. There I said hello to the great modern Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou, and the well known writer Ahmad Mahmoud as well as my favorite ever singer Ms. Delkash, Mr Golnaraghi, Mr Bannan, and the writers Mr Houshang Golshiri, Mohammad Jaffar Pouyandeh and Mohammad Mokhtari who left us about nine years ago.

Ahmad Shamlou's grave

It was good to say hi to Maestro Kamkarr, Mr Mafie as well as Mr Taghi Zohorui, Mr Aghasi and Miss Pooran. There are many well known names there as well as in the artist sector of Behesht Zahra which I plan to visit in the near future.

Ahmad Mahmoud's grave

May all their souls rest in peace and I do hope that they pray for us all down here.

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