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John McCain For War: A deadly "joke"

By Ali Moayedian


On Wednesday Sen. John McCain jokingly referred to "that old Beach Boys' song Bomb Iran" and sang "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb" to the tune of Barbara Ann.



Last week after I heard McCain defending the Iraq war in his Senate speech, I told my friends McCain seems suicidal. Today when overwhelming majority of Americans are against the war, for a presidential candidate to continue advocating the war is nothing less than political suicide. With this latest fiasco, McCain is now proving that not only he is suicidal, he's totally nuts. Not only he can harm himself, he is ready to go on a rampage and kill on massive scale.


Just a few days ago, Cho Seung-Hui went on a deadly rampage in Virginia Tech and killed 32 people and then shot himself. This was a shocking and tragic incident that got much media attention. Every little thing is being rightfully scrutinized to see why people, from university officials to police, failed to stop this incident.

At the same time, we have in front of us nut-cases like McCain. They are ready and willing to kill, and they are even singing about it. And they have actually proven they can do far more harm (case in point: Iraq). However, in comparison they get far less coverage by the media than they deserve! Why? In fact we should ask why President Bush is still in the office?

Presiding Bush, McCain, the neocons gang, and all the other proponents of war, are in fact responsible for the death and destruction that has happened due to Iraq war. This was a war that was imposed on Americans based on lies and deceit. There was nothing in this war for Americans but loss of life, property, and reputation. And of course with the excuse of eradicating nonexistent WMD from Iraq, destruction in Massive Scale has been happening in Iraq.

Over six hundred thousand Iraqis have died. More than three thousand US troops have died. Hundreds of thousands have been injured. Millions have been displaced. Iraq is in ruins. And yet people like McCain dare to joke about bombing another nation and bringing more death and destruction to Americans and Iranians!

On Thursday McCain refused to repent and said: "Please, I was talking to some of my old veterans friends," he told reporters. "My response is, Lighten up and get a life."

Mr. McCain, I will get a life. I do have a life. But what do you have to tell to all the dead? How can you look into the eyes of mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children and sing your happy bombing tune? Can you tell them to get a life? I wouldn't be surprised if you can. I always wonder if people like you have a soul?

When reporters asked if the joke was insensitive, McCain said: "Insensitive to what? The Iranians?"

Mr. McCain, I know it's too much to expect you to be sensitive to Iranians. After all they must be less of a human. You don't care about Americans. Why should you care about Iranian? It is interesting on the same day Iranians were celebrating the day of great Iranian poet Saadi, the news of McCain's deadly joke hit the wires.

Saadi, a 13th century Iranian poet, cares about mankind and acts as a global thinker when he talks about oneness of mankind:

Oneness of mankind


All Adam's race are members of one frame;

Since all, at first, from the same essence came.


When by hard fortune one limb is oppressed,

The other members lose their wonted rest:


If thou feel'st not for others' misery,

A son of Adam is no name for thee.


From Saadi's The Gulistan (The Rose Garden)
Translated by Edward B. Eastwick


On the other hand, McCain, a 21st century American politician who wants to spray the world with freedom and democracy, sings:

            "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb"

Mr. McCain, we don't need more bombs. We don't need more deaths and more ruins. We need to focus on our families and children. Today, millions of humans are being left behind in this country. Public education is a disaster because of lack of money and resources. The sick are left to die because they don't have health care. The poor have no hope. And our towns aren't prepared to deal with natural disasters. But thanks to warmongers like you, our money and resources are being spent on killing and destroying. Your "bomb bomb bomb" singing is outrageous and sickening. But more than that, your actions are criminal. People like you need to be locked up before they do more damage! You are far more dangerous than Cho Seung-Hui!


Now go on singing...


About the author:
Ali Moayedian is an Iranian-American who lives in San Francisco Bay Area. He dreams of "Oneness of mankind."




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