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Iranian artist displays musical paintings in France and U.S.


TEHRAN, Apr.24 (ISNA)-An Iranian painter and musician is to represent his paintings along with performance of Persian Instrument, Setar, in France and the United States. Based on an invitation from the Gallery 77 in Paris, Reza Derakhshani will soon hold an exhibition to represent his latest 25 paintings to the public.

The artist is to hold another exhibition in New York soon afterwards.

The most significant feature of the paintings is the symbolic presence of the Pomegranate and a crimson texture which is deployed by the artist as the central color.

Derakhshani believes that crimson has an infinite potential energy and vitality that intensifies its impact on the viewers, in comparison to any other color.

Reza Derakhshani, the contemporary painter and musician, studied visual arts at Tehran University and afterwards at the art center of California. After returning to Persia (Iran), he taught at Art College of Tehran University for a few years. He then moved to USA where his early serious artistic experiences were limited to his other profession, that is music; yet his performances were in the form of Mixed Media and Conceptual Art.

Derakhshani's style is quite innovative and variable and presents itself in the form of installations of various media combined with painting and music and sometimes in his presence they take the form of a performance.

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