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Iranian films can respond to '300': ASIFA president


TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency) -- Iranian president of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) said that national films and animations can respond to the Warner Brother's historically inaccurate film '300'.

Nureddin Zarrinkelk

Speaking in a review session of the film, at Tehran's Iranian Artists Forum last Saturday, Nureddin Zarrinkelk called on Iranian cultural officials to equip filmmakers so that they can show the world an accurate representation of the historical events which have been misrepresented in the film '300'.

The writings of Herodotus, which are the main source for such anti-Iran films, are full of unsubstantial claims, he noted.

"Should we ban the film? Should we conduct research and write articles challenging the film, and defend ourselves against such productions?" he questioned. "We need to perform all these actions in order to express our anger at such a production, but such reactions will not prevent the film from being watched; these responses will not mean the end of such films."

"We have witnessed the production of many (Hollywood) films which aim to humiliate Iranian culture in the eyes of the world. Such films can influence the young generation in Iran and abroad."

Pirated DVD and CD of the blockbuster are available on the Iranian black market.

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