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Murderers of judge executed in Tehran on assassination anniversary


Tehran, August 2, IRNA - Assassins of Tehran Magistrate Judge Hassan Moqaddas were hanged in public here Thursday on the anniversary of the judge's assassination.

The late judge was shot dead in broad daylight after leaving a court building in northern Tehran two years ago.

The two assassins, Majid Kavoosi-Far, 28, and his cousin, Hossein, 24, were hanged on the site of the assassination on Ahmad-Qasir street.

Prior to killing the judge, Majid and Hossein, had gunned down a bank guard, a bank client and two other citizens besides being involved in armed robbery from different banks in Tehran, stealing cars and stealing a gun from a guard of Kyrgyzstan embassy in Tehran.

The murderers had prepared their weapons from Iraq and by stealing the guns from guards of banks and Kyrgyzstan embassy, Tehran's Prosecutor General Judge Saeed Mortazavi told reporters at the site of the execution.

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