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Manifesto of the Bulimic Art - Middle East Art in NY


"This isn't Paris, you know, it's Istanbul" my mother said, sounding almost happy about it. "Even if you were the best artist in the world, no one would pay you the slightest attention. You'd spend your life alone. No one would understand why you'd given up a brilliant future to paint. If we were a rich society that respected art and painting, then well, why not? But even in Europe, everyone knows that Van Gogh and Gauguin were cracked."


'Istanbul, Memories and the City' p.361


 Nobel Prize Winner (Turkish)




"Through the window of an apartment across the street,

The sun captures my attention…


Mostly yellow and white in life

With purples, blues and reds in my mind,

Dominates all around I am in…

I am in

While thinking about out

And ART!


The sunlight says it is the time of creation,

My hand approves it with an accompanying heartbeat

But all the boundaries of my condition

Makes me,

The painter,

Just to paint in dream

Not to paint on something real,





ONE DAY in 1980, Me, Nagi, noted these sentences on a paper without any awareness of being the future writer of the Bulimic Art manifesto which belongs today and establishes itself on these papers. Then I was in need of money and courage to paint the "Real". Despite my financial insufficiencies to find artistic materials and despite the political pressures of existing Turkish government inside the country, I was eager to make art. However it was a time when the freedom was forbidden and the idea was under suspect. To break the chains covering my hands more than my imagination, as all the members of Bulimic art did and many do today, I financed myself by working in other jobs not related to art. In this way I painted, closing the doors keeping my art behind. Therefore I betrayed the artistic soul I have whenever it cried in pain because of its need to feed itself by the use of my talents which have been under the rule of materialistic world's dictation. This dictator world was always ready to chew my creativeness and thus it spitted out of the eternity most of the compositions in my mind as forgotten garbage. Thanks God, it does not reign in my life any more. However, with regret, in my Region represented by a bloody red and in the process of much creation it still reigns.      


NOW, we, creators of the Bulimic Art who are all from the Middle East, wanna vomit our pain kept as a gall inside each of us but finally succeeded to gain a concrete entity despite all despites.


 We curse the whole understanding that art -worth to be shown for ages as new ways to be followed- can just be something belongs to the Western Intelligence and there can be nothing precious the painters from Islamic culture may declare.  We curse the sentences written by Orhan Pamuk who was hurt to hear them while they were gaining a painful reality as soon as their separation from his mother's voice and penetration into his own life.


We deny creating by kneeling in front of the holy museum, gallery and dealer staffs that put 'money' as an agenda in front of the art world and by the way become the real burden over the whole creativeness of the Middle East artists for years, due to the concerns what sells or what fails. During this exhibition, our art is not on sale; it is on board to display its uniqueness, to you the New Yorkers, by departing far away from our Middle East fairy tales.


We applause our art.  It has something new to show without appealing to any other movement or classification which Art historians in West like to put as basics unbreakable, as basics not possible to be changed, even not possible to be considered as changed.


We believe the contemporary art is not constipated, it is just stuffed. Stuffed by money matters, stuffed by prejudices, stuffed by politics, stuffed by the war of human being with itself, so stuffed by anything disturbs the sense of harmony resides in "Art and humanity".... To make heard their sighs, we know throughout the world there are and there will be many artistic groups which give stimulus to the art engine by presenting their "new and real" in a way never practiced and never seen.


In the sentences below we present you our art, titled as "Bulimic", with its all novelty and philosophy offered to the existing Art world as something new and real, not ideal. Enjoy it!!!  




Through the years Artists, in need of creation and progress, have dealt with several matters like object, subject, material and surface of the painting. Among them all, the surface is always being considered as something serves to the essence created by the rest. In our opinion, the rest has the soul while the surface shows the way this soul breathes. So in this respect to do their best, painters still try to find new styles reflecting art on the canvas in a unique way. Through the lines of this manifesto, the Bulimic art is in charge to reflect its unique way!


We know the canvas surface lies as the basic layer between the back and front of what has been painted, what can be seen on show. The paint creates a multi-dimensional world by the use of perspective, shape, light/shade combinations etc. over that one-dimensioned white side of the canvas. Instead of using it plain, some artists creates a kind of sculpture-mixture on it, while some fastens objects even rubbish or some likes to project digital forms over, even their forms give a sense of animation to the fixed nature of the hanging canvas.


From this point of view, let's argue our offer!


We offer to cut the surface into pieces of imagination. So to let the torn fabric show to the audience what it has behind! Our art has something REAL behind. We, the painters of the Bulimic Art, reflect it using different methods but under the same philosophy. The philosophy of demolish which has been ruling the Middle East region for years! The philosophy which made all the living entities burst into tears! We apply it to show how we suffered and still suffer, and we want to make the concept of unbreakable canvas shatter to suffer…


Now, apart from that behind issue shared by all of us, let's argue how our differences become visible in assorted ways! Of course the individual choices of material, object and subject reflected on the canvas point it out, and of course our styles change as much as our paintings differ between the back and front, between the wall and rear.   While some of us choose to hide his or her secrecy by drawing the wall, some paints it. Some of us like to use digital technology by projecting, while some uses photography as material. Thus our art consist of broad artistic images composed in that new surface. Thus the secrecy of our art on the wall gives us a chance to share the sense of 'Cave' artists who are the unknown ancestors of creation process, and also the ones never managed to be stuffed in museums or galleries. Thus our different realities propel a secrecy that needs an effort to be examined and understood.       




So let our art show itself in a new form reflecting all the misery and mystery the Middle East culture has.


So let us vomit a worthy stuff throughout the torn pieces of our paintings, to the attention of the public. That public deserves to be surprised by our Bulimic creation, not just by the figures of today's Bulimic generation.


All the secrecy and imagination of our Bulimic art is now ready to be seen, smelled and experienced by you the reader, our prospected audience.


Do you wanna eat what we vomit? Come and feed your souls by sensing a new artistic idea shaped by the underestimated Middle East Art for years. Come and see it just to know what is finally 'REAL'!


Gallery Opening in:


187 Lexington Avenue ,

41st Street, NY, USA 10017

Friday- August 10, 2007

Mon. / Sun. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Derya Guler (Turkey) 

Hadi Ghraib (Iraq)

Hassan Alkhas (Iran)

Huda Khalid (Egypt)

Lamis (Syria)

Mehmet Tarik (Iran)

Nagi (Turkey)

Nihad Kamil Salman (Syria)

... Payvand News - 8/9/07 ... --

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