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President: Iran to give crushing response to any possible hostile actions

Tehran, Aug 28, IRNA - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that any action against the Iranian nation will be given proper response. "I consider it unlikely if the US takes any such illogical and illegal action because the measure would turn into a joke worldwide.

I have not heard any such claim raised officially by the US administration," said President Ahmadinejad.

The president pointed to rift in the US administration concerning Iran's case and said, "We think there is a rift in the US: Some wish to solve problem logically and some others, whose arms manufacturing plants have gone bankrupt, want to escalate tension worldwide. The second group wants to foil efforts of the first one." On Iran's relations with the neighboring states, President Ahmadinejad said Tehran's ties with the Persian Gulf littoral states are friendly.

"Today, our volume of commercial transactions with the UAE is more than 11 billion dollars. Our relationship with officials of the country is cordial and friendly. Moreover, we have good relations with Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain."

He went on to say that Iraqi occupiers do not favor unity among regional nations and want to pit them against one another so as to continue their presence in Iraq. "Fortunately, the course of events is in favor of unity and fraternity among Iraqi people."

About claims that Iran interferes in Iraq affairs, Ahmadinejad said, "That's also among their mistakes. Whenever they face difficulty, they start to hold others accountable rather than trying to identify and compensate for their mistake."

He said the Iranian nation has a geographical proximity and close relations with Iraq and insecurity in the country would be against the Iranians too.

"Iran will suffer the most in case of insecurity in Iraq because it shares longest borders with the country. Many Iraqis are of Iranian origin and many Iranians are of Iraqi origin. Anybody from any group who gets hurt in Iraq will make the Iranian nation unhappy.

Iran has no need for such interferences. The government, parliament, president and prime minister of Iraq all love Iran. Today formation of government in Iraq is in favor of all and Iran."

He said that occupiers have come to Iraq under the pretext of insecurity while they are the source of insecurity there. "They shipped arms and put them at the disposal of different groups and took provocative acts and hatched plots. Charging Iran is not a solution to their problems. We do not insist on taking them out of the quagmire. We have already said we are ready to help them get out the swamp but now that they emphasize to remain in it, so let it be so."

Closure of Hormuz Strait not on the agenda

Ahmadinejad said that closure of Hormuz Strait is not on the agenda of any country.

"I think that such statements are unfounded and trivial. A person makes a statement which is carried by a section of the media as a headline. Whereas this is not on anybody's agenda," he said.

"No one is seeking tension, Iranian nation is capable enough of defending its rights. We say all should live in peace and security," he said.

"I think oil cartels are behind such rumors to hike oil prices, and fish in troubled water," he said.

Political might of Iraq's occupiers is braking up

Ahmadinejad said that the political power of Iraq's occupiers have been broken up and they have being trapped in vortex of their crimes in the country and have no alternative but to admit defeat and put seals of approval on the country's independence as well as respecting the rights of Iraqi nation.

Speaking to domestic and foreign reporters, the president said the arrogant powers with their blind eyes cannot see the rights of Iraqi nation and their constitution.

"I advise the occupiers to halt their crimes and carnage which only make the current situation more complicated," he said.

"You cannot bring to knees a nation with over seven thousand years of civilization by making use of four fighter planes and some soldiers, artillery and tanks," he underlined.

"We advise you to amend your policies because through such harsh policies you will get nowhere," he said.

"I truly declare that the political power of occupiers is on the decline and the region will witness the emergence of a big power," underlined the president.

"We are ready to help restore security of the region through collective cooperation with our regional friends and Saudi Arabia," he pointed out.

Nations call for peace and brotherhood and are weary of military expeditions and occupation, he said adding that "We believe that we will witness a very prosperous future."

Occupation root of all Iraq's problems

Ahmadinejad said that occupation is the root of all problems facing the Iraqi people. He added that Iraq is witnessing a bullying, incompetent and selfish management of foreign invaders.

He also referred to the fact that unrest in Iraq has been misused by the occupiers to continue the occupation of the war-torn country.

"When Saddam Hussein attacked Iran on claims of freedom-seeking, many big powers promoted him and armed his military as well as imposed political, economic and publicity embargoes on the Iranian people with the aim of defeating Iran's determination," he added.

The powers then alleged that Saddam Hussein is the root of all unrest and provocations in the region, then invaded Iraq on the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and toppling Saddam, he said.

He noted, "However two or three countries announced that they want to continue occupation of the country, and the presence of foreign forces in Iraq fomented division, violence, economic burden and massacre of innocent people.

"The Iraqi people have experienced hundreds of years of coexistence without real differences."

He added, "The occupiers are attempting to sow discord among Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds to extend their presence there and control oil wells."

The powers recklessly try to undermine the popular Iraqi government and law, he said, adding, "Who allowed you to endanger the lives of humans, your soldiers? You are entangled in your trap." The president noted, "We urged that you should respect the rights of Iraqi nation, therefore, we accepted to help you resolve tension in Iraq. But we are witnessing the consequences of incompetent forces being in power."

Iranian nation is invincible

Ahmadinejad stressed that the Iranian nation is not concerned about the propaganda of the war-mongering section of the US administration that the US is getting ready to launch military attack on Iran.

"The reason is clear," he said, "the Iranian nation relies on its faith, solidarity, national authority and might as well as its culture and is invincible."

The president made the remark in response to a question by a reporter of the Los Angles Times.

"That they say some people in the United States are trying... from my point of view, their attempt is mostly propaganda rather than real.

Such a thing does not exist on the agenda of the US officials and, principally, cannot exist."

The president recommended them to handle what they have at hand first and then deal with the others.

"Resolve the problems of Iraq and Afghanistan. Politicians work with realities and not unreal things," he said.

"I say it decisively, such a decision does not exist at all in the US and even if they make such a decision, they will not be able to implement it. The reason is crystal clear and there is no need to mention it," said the president referring to Afghanistan and Iraq.

9th gov't breaks tradition

Ahmadinejad said that one of the policies of his government is to break tradition.

"One of the 9th government's job is to break tradition. The traditions which harm national interests lack any credit," said President Ahmadinejad in a press conference.

Asked about more cabinet reshuffle, President Ahmadinejad said, "We do not have any principle which says anybody appointed to a post should remain in the position for four years. Where has this been written? What is of main importance is the rights of the nation and country's development. Government's function is similar to that of a ootball team. The football team has a group-based function. The president too is the coach. No player can claim that he should play in the field for all the 90 minutes of the game. That's the coach who views the scene and rearrange the line-up in order to lead his team to a victory."

French president's anti-Iran statement for domestic consumption

Ahmadinejad said French President Nicolas Sarkozy's anti-Iran statement has been for domestic consumption.

"He took office recently and wants to say something to attract attention of others. So, he does not know what he is saying," Ahmadinejad said.

President Ahmadinejad said that such statements lack political value, adding that the differences should be resolved through dialogue.

Asked whether Iran-US talks on Iraq would help resolve the Iraqi crisis and whether there is possibility of a debate with US President George W. Bush, he said that he had made such a proposal, but, Bush's advisors did not allow him to do so.

On Iraq, he said that the two ambassadors can help solve the Iraqi problem, but, if they (Americans) take it as a political game and want to use it for the US election campaign at the cost of lives of Iraqi people, it will remain unresolved.

He regretted that Washington's international role is being affected by the US election campaign.

"They are ready to let their soldiers and Iraqi people get killed. it is the mismanagement of the world order," he said.

Asked about completion of Bushehr power plant, the president answered that in his meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Bishkek, he said that the power plant will be completed according to the timetable.

"I think Mr. Putin and the Russian government are committed to the latest agreement and I'm not worried about that."

Responding to a question about counsel assistance to Iranian expatriates through Iranian consulates, the president said that the government has decided to defend the rights of Iranian communities abroad.

"During my visits abroad, I always meet Iranians living there to listen to their problems. Last year in my visit to the US, the minister of justice accompanied me to study was of providing counsel service for the Iranian community in the United States."

Iran-Egypt deputy FMs to meet soon

President Ahmadinejad said that deputy foreign ministers of Iran and Egypt are to meet in the very near future.

On resumption of political ties with Egypt, he said, "As I declared in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), if the Egyptian government expresses readiness on this day, we are ready to send our ambassador as soon as possible and there is no obstacle to this."

The Egyptian government responded to the request and it was agreed that the deputy foreign ministers will meet to prepare grounds for visits by foreign ministers, he said.

He hoped that such visits would prepare the grounds for full restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The two countries has very high potentials in regional and global developments and if they move shoulder to shoulder it would be to the benefit of Islamic Ummah as well as humanity, he said.

The enemies do their best to keep these two nations apart, he underlined.

"We hope that this will happen in the near future and the two sides will establish a broad based cooperation," he said.

Given the cultural commonalties between the two Muslims states, the two nations have many things in common, he pointed out.

On installation of centrifuges at Natanz nuclear power plant, he said the issue is a technical, and not a political, issue.

On Iraq developments, he said "We took part in direct talks with the US to help restore security in the war-shattered country."

Iran safest country for investment

President Ahmadinejad said the Islamic Republic of Iran is the safest country in the world in terms of investment.

"The government's plans are on good track and I would like to declare that all scientific criteria are proof that Iran is the safest country in the world for investment.

"We are now experiencing the construction era and demands for investment in the country's infrastructure are on rise," he said.

"Demands on investment opportunities in Iran are very high in a way that we are not able to respond to all applications, therefore, we have increased investments in the energy sectors to many folds to meet such huge demands," he pointed out.

Iran not concerned about more negative resolutions

President Ahmadinejad said Iran is not concerned about actions by one or two states which have not yet recognized its (Iran's) nuclear rights.

"The course and framework of solving the problems with the IAEA have been drawn up properly and the affairs are proceeding in the right direction. Efforts by enemies of the Iranian nation and our opponents would be futile and I think it would be unlikely that they could do anything (against us). Many countries have recognized Iran's rights and my address is to one or two states, which have not yet believed the Iranian nation and are acting beyond their business. We are not concerned about their measures," President Ahmadinejad said at a press conference when asked by a Japanese TV correspondent about Iran's reaction to any more possible resolution against it.

The president said the world should know that IAEA members have the duty to help other members and on this basis, "we announce that we are ready to provide other members with technical and engineering support and train them under the Agency's supervision."

Stressing that adversaries of the Iranian nation know quite well that they cannot do a damn thing against the Iranian nation, President Ahmadinejad said, "Sponsors of the earlier resolutions do not still know what to do with them."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president said the ongoing atmosphere of talks between Iran and the IAEA is 'very tranquil, non-political and realistic', advising enemies of the Iranian nation not to harm the atmosphere without any justified reason because they would be the sufferers.

"We are in a stabilized position thanks to the resistance of the nation and our programs are clear and legal."

Asked whether Iran is ready for talks with the US, President Ahmadinejad said, "Policies of the system are devised by relevant officials. In Iraq we had several rounds of talks with the US within the framework of efforts to assist the Iraqi nation and restore peace and security there. We have time and again announced that we are men of logic and dialogue. Today also we declare that we are ready for talks on equal basis with all countries, except the Zionist Regime of Israel, and as far as the principle of dialogue is concerned, we face no prohibition."

Asked whether the Iranian-American Haleh Esfandiari would be allowed to leave Iran for the US, President Ahmadinejad said, "That's a judicial issue, which should be addressed by the judiciary. In my opinion, she can meet her family."

US not capable of attacking Iran

Ahmadinejad brushed aside the probability that any decision would be made in the US to attack Iran saying even if they adopt such a decision, they are not able to execute it.

Ahmadinejad made the remark in response to a question by an American reporter.

The president described as wrong the analysis of the reporter of The Los Angles Times who said the war-mongering section of the US administration is increasingly getting ready to attack Iran and this is a reality to which the media are a witness. On the other hand, the reporter said, the elite, analysts and laymen have come to this belief that if God forbid Iran was attacked the infrastructure of the country would be destroyed to the extent that reconstructing it would be very difficult for decades.

The reporter then asked the president what his response to this group of concerned people inside the country would be if something happens.

"From my point of view," said the president, "your analysis is wrong and that in Iran the people who you are talking about almost do not exist and if there are they are so few that are like a drop in the sea of the Iranian nation."

Those against Iran are disappointed with their deeds

Ahmadinejad said that those who stood up against Iran are disappointed with their own deeds and realized that Iran is a powerful country with great influence on the international community thanks to its great civilization.

He told the press conference that they have got the point that there is no way, but, dialogue in line with the international law, friendship and understanding with the Iranian nation.

"Today, Iran is a nuclear state. I mean Iran has full fuel-cycle and is moving in line with the international peace and that the Iranian nuclear program is within non-proliferation treaty." The president said that many of those who had threatened Iran over nuclear program admitted that they thought Iran will retreat, but, understood it was a mistake.

"Of course, there are one or two states which see themselves as superpower and they want to preserve their prestige though they know that they can do nothing."

"I advise you that your bullying goes nowhere. You have dirty works in the past two years. You ignored respect of the Iranian nation by raising illusive charges against Iran. In fact, you risked your prestige by telling lie to the international community about Iran.

You challenged a great nation with longstanding civilization. You did so and you realized your approach was futile."

The president said the Iranian nation stood up to such an approach with reliance upon God and managed to thwart the propaganda and never exceeded the boundaries of wisdom, law and respect for the international law.

"You experienced such an approach toward Iran over the nuclear program. So, please do not repeat your mistake vis-a-vis other member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency."

Ahmadinejad said that those possessing nuclear arms have stockpiled them, so they cannot take a rest.

"Destroy your nuclear arms to help both yourselves and other nations to live in peace and security," he said.

The president said, "You have treated the Iranian nation in a wrong manner. But, you can make good on your bad acts in the past several years and the great nation may forgive you."

Tehran considers its nuclear case closed

President Ahmadinejad said that from Tehran's point of view Iran's nuclear case is closed.

"I announce officially that from our point of view Iran's nuclear case has been closed," said President Ahmadinejad in a ress conference.

President Ahmadinejad said that all those, who used their influence in the world decision making centers to force the Iranian nation to retreat, have now realized their mistake.

"Those thinking that by diplomatic and discriminatory gestures and by abusing their power in the world decision making bodies, they could force the Iranian nation to withdraw from its position, have today come to the conclusion that their path has been wrong," announced the president.

He added, "Of course, they made a lot of mistake. They did not recognize the Iranian nation and did not know how to face a nation with an ancient history, rich culture and faith, strong bonds and unprecedented national and religious solidarity."

He went on to say, "They did not know that they are facing a brave, wise and courageous nation. Since their ideology was materialistic and since they relied on a financial power, their evaluation and comparison was based on a number of missiles, planes, tanks and bank accounts.

"They do not however know that culture of a nation, faith of a nation, and the ideology and solidarity of a nation form an invincible force."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the President said that all nuclear activities of Iran are within framework of the law and within the boundary of its rights. "The Iranian nation has not demanded even one iota beyond its legal rights," he announced.

He said that peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities has become evident to all.

"It has now become clear that the activities of the Iranian nation are peaceful and in line with the IAEA regulations and that the Iranian nation has always had close cooperation with the Agency.

The Iranian nation's cooperation with the IAEA is unprecedented. There is not even one in more than 140 IAEA members who might have so extensive cooperation and collaboration with the Agency like Iran," added the president.

Inefficient rulers try to stop Iranian nation by exerting political pressure

Ahmadinejad said that inefficient rulers have strived not to let Iran use peaceful nuclear technology by exerting political and economic pressures.

"I have reiterated and every one knows that as per the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), all members are allowed to fully enjoy nuclear fuel cycle," he told reporters.

Also all the members having the technology and the IAEA are duty bound to prepare the grounds and provide scientific, technical and political assistance for all the members in order to acquire the nuclear fuel cycle completely, he said.

"But, we witnessed that a number of rulers of the big powers who cannot tolerate justice, fraternity, equal rights before law, progress of nations and respect for human dignity, in defiance of the laws and regulations they had codified rose to prevent progress of the Iranian nation and its legal use of its inalienable rights and openly threatened our nation with military attack."

The president went on to say that this was while all the IAEA reports emphasize that there has been no deviation in Iran's nuclear program. However, the inefficient rulers and powers repeatedly stood on the podium and said that they would not let the Iranian nation enjoy its inalienable right.

World order is inappropriate for humanity

Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that the current situation in the world is inappropriate for the dignity of humanity and does not guarantee prosperous life for the nations.

He told the press conference that all the intellectuals and well wishers of mankind are anxious about the current world order.

"Wars, threats, insecurity, arms race and massacre of nations, spread of lies and rumors have drawn a gloomy prospects for the humanity." He said that all the problems prevailing in the world concerns the system governing the world.

The president said that nations want to live together in peace and friendship enjoying equality, but, the ruling system has always been responsible for escalating tension.

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