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Deals, Deals, and more Deals

By Farhad Shishechian


Iranians built the best part of their long history naturally on their genius to make deals. Strong cultural and psychological capacity is virtually the innate tool to accommodate a relationship  thriving on the bases of making deals. Wheeling and dealing (Bede Bestoon in Persian) have been the core factor on which Iranians erected their imperial household, the foundation for every individual to be relevant and prosper.


The silk road was the masterpiece of their creation, During the 250 years that the Achamaneid dynasty was in power, trade was the life blood of the economy. This was followed successfully for several more centuries through other dynasties. Tax from merchants filled the coffers and productivity in every area established the social order.


Artisans and craftsmen were broadly activated and their work was revered. The indication of such artful culmination is evident in every artifact in world museums from these periods.


There have been times when societies went into decline and lost their vitality, disintegrated and got ransacked by the enemies. These times are definitely when the dynamics of making deals either transformed or were interrupted by outside influences and even inside confusions. The inability to reinvent the rules catastrophically brought societies down and faltering dynasties crumbled.


Americans, share the same traits and are enjoying similar possibilities. There is no myth about the US foreign policy. Make a deal and you are in business. In fact the 20th century was built on this foundation and the 21st is no exception to this old rule. Wheeling and dealing is the essence of all human interactions, well with the exception of friends and families. There is no room for zeal when both parties benefit. The ones who get good at making deals more brilliantly take advantage of their resources. The zealots get the hypocrites to rant about and stay in another kind of business in the ever widening eyes of a silent nation.


Over the past 28 years after the turnaround for America in Iran, a very stubborn power player anonymously throws the wrench in at the most crucial time when Iran tries to make deals with the US. It is a good example of a lose-lose situation as far as the good of the two sides are concerned.


Iran has gone a long way due to this animosity and poisonous reactions to its overtures, distancing herself from the US. Iran reluctantly has engaged the Russians to substitute the otherwise a good partner, the role that the US is running away to assume. In foreign policy going wrong with the fundamental trade issue is like trying to take a cab in the middle of a busy highway. Iran should think about her share in every issue in the world and the region in particular. Intuitiveness and some flexibility will pay off, paving the way for a bigger future.


Every country is trying to get ahead and ultimately makes deals with the "Great Satan," because it is in their self interest, plain and simple. The Turks, Pakistanis, Saudis and gradually Iraqis and Afghans will agree to anything for now, logically short of jeopardizing their long term interests.


Planting friendship starts by a nervous hand shake and little trust. Short term cooperation is the measures to initiate a more civil coexistence. The US lawmakers for the sake of harmony and out of self interest have for the past twenty eight years voted against Iran's interest! Why? There is no relevance to having any knowledge or concern about Iran in the minds of the Senators and politicians in the US. It is merely a choice they make and in many cases a convenient one.


It is up to the Iranians to break out of an introverted foreign policy and use a broad based approach to settling their differences; reaching out to Americans is possible too. Negotiations and making deals prospectively produce the results that wars might hope to achieve. The Neo-cons can keep on the seesawing tactic of giving the Iranians the false sense of strength and consequently beating them with no real expense.


... Payvand News - 2/7/07 ... --

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