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Extremist groups hurting Islamic unity: Rafsanjani


Qom, Feb 10, IRNA - Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in Qom on Friday that extremist movements within various religious factions are hurting the security and unity of the world's Muslims. Rafsanjani made the remarks while addressing a conference on the Islamic world and its challenges.

"Extremist groups in the Islamic world are working to create discord and differences," he said, and urge seminaries to exercise vigilance in order to confront their plots.

He said that "anywhere in the world extremism always poses dangers to human beings," and added that unfortunately it is growing at a rapid pace in several countries.

"Whether inside or outside the country, we do not have the right to use the negative points of others to destroy them," he stressed.

The EC chairman expressed regret certain Islamic countries fan the flames of controversy thereby serving the interests of enemies with their incorrect attitudes.

"The Palestinian people engaged in infighting and thereby paved the way for the Zionist regime to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque.

"Incorrect views of Muslims should be modified and religious extremists should not take advantage of the ill-intention of individuals," he added.

Rafsanjani further said that "no Muslim should entertain tendencies to attack the values of other sects."

Pointing to current developments in the world, he called on all Muslims throughout the world to increase vigilance...Today, the Islamic world should think of its own independence and progress.

"In the game of chess, the Islamic world is moving towards a big development with its winning pieces.

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US sought to bring about a unipolar world and boost its dominance over countries but it faced formidalbe opposition from Islam as a power."

He added that the young generation of Islamic states have achieved modern knowhow and have found their rightful position in political, social and human issues.

"The US entered the Middle East to devalue Islam by using slogans alleging a desire to establish democracy in the region but have ended up committing several crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq," Rafsanjani said.

West's psychological war on Iran should be made to backfire on their sponsors

Rafsanjani Friday afternoon called on Iranian policymakers to use intelligent, diplomatic moves to make anti-Iran policies of arrogant powers backfire on themselves.

Rafsanjani's remarks came during a meeting with members of the organization of Qom Seminary Instructors in this central city, about 190km south of the capital Tehran.

"Enemies are forging calculated plots to make it appear that there is a power struggle among Iranian authorities," said the prominent cleric.

He urged Iranian policymakers to pursue intelligent and active diplomacy so that biased propaganda against Iran will backfire on their sponsors.

Rafsanjani also advised policymakers to be moderate in their polices so as not to provoke the enemies.

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