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Iran-Japan oil deals, trade not affected by UN resolution: Tokyo


TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (Mehr News Agency) - Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said in a press conference in Tokyo on Friday that a decision by the cabinet to freeze the assets of some Iranian companies and individuals has nothing to do with the economic and oil deals between Tehran and Tokyo.

The Japanese government decided on Friday to freeze the assets of 10 companies and 12 individuals involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programs in line with a UN sanction resolution approved in December.

The cabinet decision will not affect oil purchases from Iran, the Kyodo news agency quoted Shiozaki as saying.

Japanese officials also announced that they have no intention of adopting decisions that go beyond the terms of UN Resolution 1737.

The statement was made to dispel media rumors that Tokyo plans to take additional measures such as imposing sanctions on more Iranian companies or decreasing its economic exchanges with Iran.

Despite being a close ally of the U.S., Japan has maintained close trade ties with Iran. Asia's largest economy is almost entirely dependent on the Middle East for its oil, and imports about 15 percent of its total oil consumption from Iran.

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