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A Success story from Tehran Sharif University


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


The accomplishments of Sharif University students are well known not only in Iran but also throughout North America, Europe and other parts of the world.  Recently through my work with PKCF, I found a new success story of former Sharif University students.  They have won many awards since their formation about 15 years ago.  Mr. Rabin Farjad is the Chairman, Mr. Saeed Sagehpour-Vajdi is the Managing Director and Mr. Arman Bahrie is the Technical Manager.



The company was set up by three young engineers graduating from the university in early 1990’s and Mr. Bahrie joined a couple of years after.  They formed the company to offer packaged computer software in Persian and they are now one of the market leaders, with a good reputation and after sales service both for their packaged programs as well as for customer tailored packages, both in the private and governmental sector.



What I found unique about them was the work they do for the blind in Iran.  They have a package program Navid 3 (run on Dos system) and Navid 4 which works on Windows systems to enable blind and partially sighted people to use a computer effectively.  This program is a screen reader, similar to the American Jaws system which allows text displayed on the computer screen to be spoken  in Persian.  They also have a system called PacJaws which is bilingual (English and Persian) and is most useful for accessing the internet for the blind.



One notable item for the Persian speaking blind is their refreshable braille display (Barjasteh Negar II) which is a box that is located under the keyboard and is connected to a computer.  It has two rows of 40 Braille characters, which a blind user can use to feel the letters.  It works using piezo-electric technology.



When we went to their office to become familiar with their products, my good friend and well known Iranian writer Dr. Saeed Abbasspour, who is almost blind, came from Isfahan to join us and showed us how the machine worked.  We were very impressed with this company, what they do and have achieved in this respect.


We were informed that  Pactos is the only manufacturer of Braille displays in Asia and have taken part in many fairs and exhibitions outside Iran especially in the regional ones.  Recently they received an offer to produce their Braille machine in Arabic as well and they are considering it.



Their main client for their most useful product, the Barjasteh Negar II, is the government, as it is rather dear about US$5,000 which is still cheaper than its nearest counterparts.    When I asked why it is so expensive, they informed me that the main raw material used for making this unit is imported from Germany (there is only one other producer of the special metal, which has intelligent cells, but they are  in the USA which they can not work with due to sanctions).



I am sure there are many blind Iranians who could use and optimize their interesting product range, especially those that convert computer output to Braille and Persian speech.



Maybe you know someone who can use one of their products inside or outside Iran.  Please contact them at:



No. 5 5th Alley, South Kheradmand Street, Karimkhan Ave., Tehran

Tel.  88810291-2 and 88824922

P.O.Box 15855/411 Tehran


I am sure you all join me in wishing them all the best in the good work that they do and success in all their endeavors.


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