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Letter to President Bush: Don't Bomb Iran

By Abbas Yavari


Dear Honorable Mr. President Bush,


Please do not bomb my parents, my parents-in laws, grandmother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, thousands of other relatives, friends, and 70 million Iranians that do not want anything to do with war and your ideas of democracy and freedom.


I am a proud American Citizen (by my own choice) of Iranian nationality. I am not a writer, so I do not profess to be able to write professionally. I am just writing as a citizen to express my horror, disbelief, and sadness that you may actually go ahead and order the bombing of Iran.  Mr. Bush, bombing Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 10 years or so has not done anything for the dead or alive there. People of Iran do not want anything better than a normalized and healthy relationship between Iran and America. They want to live in peace, work, and study and raise a family like the American people.  If you do not approve of the Iranian Government's policy, talk to them and make a deal. Bombing will not solve anything. If the Iranians actually want change, they will do it themselves without your help.  Iranians that live there will not appreciate to be dead and maimed by the millions to get your version of democracy.

I wrote once before in November 1999, before the presidential election for 2000, that both Democrats and Republicans are no friends of Iranian people; therefore, I suggested voting for Ralph Nader. My arguments have all come true now.

Let the Iranian people in Iran choose their own version of democracy that suits their needs.  The thousands of years of history, art, culture and different religions and ethnic background will guide them to move forward.  As history has shown, Iranian people never accept being occupied. There is no better and natural partner for America than Iran. We have so much in common. Iranians by the tens of millions love the American culture and way of life.  As an American, based on the Bill of Rights and the great U.S. Constitution, I hereby ask you to talk to Iran and not start a genocidal war of probable atomic bombing against Iran that may kill millions of people from direct bombing or radiation. I do not want my family, my wife's family, and my friend's family and any other Iranians or Americans to die from a new war.  Please listen to the millions of American people that voted against your policy last November and change course for the sake of everyone.


With respect,

Abbas Yavari


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